LIMS for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and QA/QC Labs

Resources for pharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC labs

Developed to meet the unique needs of pharmaceutical R&D and QA/QC labs, Thermo Scientific™ LIMS solution is designed to provide labs with valuable options to address the key challenges they face when selecting a LIMS, which include the need to support the diversity of laboratories and users, intense regulatory scrutiny that requires a solution that must satisfy both internal and external auditors and the pressure to streamline and become more efficient across businesses with clearly demonstrated cost justifications.

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Challenges of today’s biopharmaceutical companies

  1. Quality assurance—ensuring that the highest-quality products are shipped and opportunities for mitigating risk are secured
  2. Operational efficiency—improving processes to continuously reduce costs
  3. Management and allocation of resources—optimizing investments in instrumentation and personnel are optimized and maximizing workflow impact on the prioritization of samples and work load
  4. Increased testing—including stability testing, content uniformity, environmental monitoring, and dissolutions testing for small molecules.

A Thermo Scientific LIMS, purpose-built for pharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC laboratories, will deliver the functionality necessary to seamlessly connect multiple labs, disparate instruments and varied workflows, and integrate with existing enterprise systems such as SAP, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Process Information Management Systems (PIMS). Thermo Scientific LIMS for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC labs deliver the flexibility to support widely varying review and approval workflows for static data (product specs and study protocols) and dynamic data (test results and batch disposition).

For labs working within a Quality by Design protocol, Thermo Scientific LIMS can create the ideal process, create good design space for manufacturing, and deliver a holistic view of the lab environment. In a QbD lab, a Thermo Scientific LIMS enables the scientist or lab manager to understand how these varied conditions interrelate and how product quality is affected. Thermo Scientific LIMS can help your lab respond to organizational pressures to streamline operations and contribute to the company’s overall efficiencies, cost savings and revenue generating activities.

You can learn more about Thermo Scientific LIMS for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and QA/QC labs by reading our published materials, case studies and technical information.

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