Reliable safety, exceptional design and usability

Our portfolio of biological safety cabinets delivers reliable protection to people, products and the environment, while affording users with decades of manufacturing experience and innovations in laboratory equipment design. Thermo Scientific biological safety cabinets (BSCs) have been developed to continually advance not just safety, but the user experience and laboratory efficiency. Explore our products and discover how we lead the way in the application of technology, design and engineering to deliver biosafety cabinets that give you more confidence in lab safety, provide more functionality, and are easier to use and maintain.

Connect your BSC OPC UA gateway accessory


Instrument features

Advanced airflow design

Thermo Scientific SmartFlow and SmartFlow Plus technology features dual-DC motors to automatically balance the cabinet inflow and downflow air velocities in real time and compensate for filter loading. The result is a leap forward in both safety and efficiency.

Designed for the people who use them

Ensuring safety is the first priority, of course, but we believe that safety should not be a barrier to efficiency and productivity. Our BSCs employ advanced design and engineering that improve the user experience, ease workflows, and turn a necessity into a welcomed and valued addition to the lab.

Choose a BSC ideal for your lab

Our portfolio of BSCs includes models and configurations that afford you the ability to choose from a range of features and functionality, so you can select a BSC that perfectly suits your lab’s needs.

Safety that’s always on

System self-checks and automation in disinfection and contamination control combine to give you worry-free confidence in the protection your biosafety cabinet provides.

Future-ready for the connected lab

Our biosafety cabinets are enabled with cloud-based connectivity that affords your lab remote equipment monitoring and data analysis capabilities, collaboration tools, scientific analysis apps and more. 

Energy efficient

Our products demonstrate our commitment to enabling customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Our BSCs reduce energy consumption by up to 68% over comparable technologies.