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Advanced incubation solutions enable the creation of novel cultures and therapies. Our most innovative CO2 Incubators offer designs that support groundbreaking science including: automated technologies, GMP and cleanroom requirements, and scale-up processes.

Designed for integration into automated laboratories

Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators are designed for integration into automated laboratories that leverage a modular design to scale. The VIOS family of incubators are known for optimal cell growth conditions and minimal contamination risk. With the added innovation of a patent-pending automated door control, these leading incubators now bring their excellent recovery and uniformity to emerging automated cell therapy production processes 24/7, 365.

Many industry experts agree that human handling and complex processes limit broader application of cutting-edge cell therapies to treat cancer, autoimmunity, and orphan diseases. As automation is incorporated across the sector, these treatments can be produced in a more cost effective way. Several companies are developing advanced robotics to help meet these goals and Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubators are a natural fit. Various therapies are researched and developed in these incubators due to their excellent culturing conditions that help ensure important cellular critical quality attributes.


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Watch the animated video to see how Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO₂ incubators operates in modular labs.

Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 Incubator
Innovative features
  • Patent-pending automated operation of incubator door
  • Simplified door design, well suited for robotic interface
  • Automatic stop if an obstruction is encountered
  • Patented Thermo Scientific THRIVE active airflow technology for homogenous growth conditions
  • Outstanding recovery and uniformity
  • Comprehensive contamination control
  • Integration-ready for automated production settings that leverage a modular design to scaleEasy to clean and maintain
  • Thermo Scientific Steri-Run proven-sterilization cycle
  • iR180Si sensor
  • Electropolished stainless steel

Cleanroom compatible CO₂ incubators

Watch the video to learn about the unique features of the Heracell Vios CR CO2 Incubators.

Thermo Scientific Heracell Vios CR CO2 Incubators and Thermo Scientific Forma Steri-Cycle CR CO2 Incubators are third-party certified cleanroom compatible and suitable for ISO Class 5 and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) grade A/B environments. They feature an active particle control system and demonstrated compatibility with commonly used cleanroom cleaning methods, making it the exceptional fit for your cleanroom suite or GMP production environment.


Download our ebook Five Reasons to choose a cleanroom CO2 incubator that is certified compatible for an in-depth look at the advantages of using a CO2 incubator with cleanroom certification.


Features of all cleanroom compatible incubators 

Cleanroom certified

Through rigorous testing, the Heracell Vios CR / Forma Steri-Cycle CR incubators have successfully achieved ISO class 5 compatibility for the considered particle sizes in both standard operating and sterilization modes. 

Robust and easy to clean

  • Brushed 304 stainless steel exterior is compatible with STERISdry non-condensing VHP and 3% manual wipe hydrogen peroxide cleaning methods typically used in cleanroom environments.
  • PLUS Sealed exterior casing includes silicone sealed electronics and welded door to contain any particulate risk.
  • PLUS IP54 rated componentry protects electronics from dust and is resistant to water spray from any direction.

Documentation package including:

  • Regulatory certificates
  • Declaration of Conformity (CE) with EU law, CSA and QMS Certificates
  • Recommended protocols
  • User-replaceable parts and consumables lists
  • Product-specific factory documentation and specification
  • Certificates of conformance, calibration, and technical specifications
  • 3rd party certificate of compatibility with ISO Class 5 and GMP Grade A/B cleanroom environments

Choose the CO₂ incubator for your cleanroom

Heracell Vios 160i CR CO2 Incubator

360-degree, spin, zoom, rotate, discover and interact with the 165L version of this cleanroom-compatible CO2 incubator.

Heracell Vios 250i CR CO2 Incubator

360-degree, spin, zoom, rotate, discover and interact with the 255L version of this cleanroom-compatible CO2 incubator.

Scale-up with CultiMaxx Shelving Systems

As you scale out your cell therapy manufacturing, the incubator you have come to trust can now adjust with you. To match your changing needs, our special shelving system options offer additional capacity and/or improved access for specialized cell culture vessels such as Wilson Wolf G-Rex® 500M-CS bioreactors or Thermo Scientific Nunc Cell Factory systems.


These dedicated shelving systems are available as separate accessories. Each offers several advantages as you enter the cell expansion stage using larger cell culture vessels.


Stainless steel reinforced shelves
Available as accessory
Easy installation and retrofittable

View options for Heracell Vios CR and Forma Steri-Cycle CO2 incubators

Cultimaxx Shelving for 1L cell culture bags

Store up to 116 1 L cell culture bags in each incubator, and gain better gas exchange. 

CultiMaxx Shelving for Nunc Cell Factory 4-layer Systems

Increase storage capacity up and gain better access to vessels inside the incubator.

CultiMaxx Shelving for Nunc Cell Factory 10-layer Systems

Increase storage capacity up and gain better access to vessels inside the incubator.

Cultimaxx Shelving for G-Rex Bioreactors

Fit up to 10 G-Rex 500M-CS vessels in the each incubator.


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Compliance testing for CO₂ incubator use in grade A/B environments

Read the whitepaper that describes the compliance testing done for Thermo Scientific CO2 incubator use in ISO Class 5 and GMP Grade A/B cleanrooms.


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Automated process control and incubation efficiency

Explore the features and benefits of the Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 250i AxD CO2 incubator in this flyer. Read how the incubator supports 24/7, 365 processes.

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Five Reasons to choose a cleanroom CO₂ incubator that is certified cleanroom compatible

Discover the five reasons why a CO2 incubator that is individually certified ISO Class 5 cleanroom compatible is advantageous to advanced therapy development and production.


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