Customized pump and fluid markets

Customized OEM fluid handling solutions

We are a global industry leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of peristaltic tubing and hose pumps, vacuum/pressure pumps, and flowmeters for use in scientific, technical, and industrial applications worldwide.

Our custom solutions meet your specific fluid handling needs, with a flowmeter performance range varying from less than a teardrop to more than a firehose.

Markets we serve:
Complete turnkey services

Concept: We work with you to understand your performance and cost requirements and develop a complete product specification.

Design: Utilizing state-of-the-art 3D CAD systems, stress analysis tools, and performance modeling, we develop an innovative solution for your specified performance criteria.

Engineering:After design completion, we identify and fabricate major components, and then transfer the design concept to our rapid prototype development area.

Testing: The prototype is tested under actual conditions in accordance with the requirements of regulatory compliance organizations. We provide products that comply with UL, ETL, and CE under ISO:9001 and ISO:13485 standards.

Services: Our partnership with you doesn’t end with the sale. We are available for after-sales support, quality assurance audits, and other requested services to ensure you are completely satisfied with the product.

Life science and industrial markets
Stem cell therapies

Stem cell therapies are moving into the medical treatment mainstream. These extremely sensitive cell cultures and therapies require a gentle pump action and accurate flow rates to optimize cell growth and dosing, making a peristaltic pump an ideal solution.


Treatment of liver or kidney cancer is often done with ablation devices which need to be cooled while in operation. Peristaltic technology delivers the high pressure flow required to cool the ablation tips, thereby preventing overheating and tissue burning if cooling fails or is not present. 

Surgical irrigation pumps

Peristaltic pumps provide a gentle natural flow rhythm to irrigate tissue and improve surgical site cleanliness.

Peripheral arterial disease treatment

New treatments for PAD are used as a last resort to prevent limb amputation. During this treatment, a high pressure peristaltic pump serves to drive the spinning blade and a secondary pump is utilized to vacuum out the waste plaque. Maintaining tissue integrity during surgery is critical to a faster recovery and reduces chance of infection.

Pharmaceutical market
Tablet coating

Time-release tablets contain a specialized coating which is affixed to an abrasive surface. This coating prevents overdosing of drugs by allowing them to slowly dissolve upon ingestion. Tubing pumps are naturally abrasive resistant and can easily handle these fluids while providing accurate dosing rates to consistently coat each tablet.

Medical dosing

Peristaltic pumps are used to provide individualized treatment programs to drug abuse victims. The peristaltic pump technology provides sanitary and contamination-free treatments to each individual’s customized treatment regimen.

Printing market

Peristaltic pumps can easily handle viscous and hot adhesives and are the ideal solution for a variety of processes within the industrial market.


Flexographic and gravure printing presses rely on peristaltic pumps to deliver inks to the press fountains and doctor blade assemblies. The low shear pumping ability, self-priming capability, and ease of tubing replacement make peristaltic pump technology ideal for this environment.

Food & beverage market
Point-of-sale dispensing

Ice cream vending machines utilize peristaltic pumps to deliver precise quantities of flavoring and cream base to a fast freeze platen that delivers ice cream from a vending machine. A contamination-free pump, precise dosing abilities, and ease-of-maintenance make peristaltic pumps ideal in food applications.

Flavoring dispensing

Do you enjoy butter flavored popcorn at the movie theatre? This popcorn flavoring is probably dispensed by a peristaltic pump. These high-temperature fluids are shear sensitive. Peristaltic pumps provide the gentle action needed to deliver them hot and to the point-of-sale.

Agriculture market
Seed coating

Costly and shear-sensitive seed coating treatment chemicals are best handled with peristaltic pumps. The pump design and its loss shear properties make peristaltic pumps an ideal fit. The easily replaceable tubing allows quick changeover at the end of the season, while being robust enough to last an entire planting season.

Electrical market

Cable manufacturing utilizes multicolored inks to identify different types of cables. Peristaltic pumps can easily handle the abrasive ink mixture while providing an accurate flow control to help maintain optimal cost control.


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