Perform photometric research applications such as DNA, RNA and protein analysis with the Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan™ GO Microplate Spectrophotometer. The Multiskan GO features a broad wavelength range (including UV area), path length correction and a fast reading speed. Our intuitive user interface lets you run quick measurements directly from the instrument. Or, use our comprehensive, yet easy-to use Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt™ Software for more demanding assays.

This protocol library includes ready-made software protocols that can be used to run commercially available or commonly well-known assays with the Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan™ GO Microplate Spectrophotometer. The files contain protocols for the Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt™ Software version 3.2, which is the PC software used to control the instrument and to perform calculations to measurement data. The instrument can also be used without a PC, but these protocols are compatible only with SkanIt Software.

The protocols can be downloaded from this website and imported to the database of the SkanIt Software for Multiskan GO. The software protocols are instrument-specific, therefore, they cannot be imported to the software of any other instrument. The protocol files cannot be viewed outside the SkanIt Software.

All the protocols are made for 96-well microplate format.

The protocols have been made according to the available kit instructions. The user performing the assay has the ultimate responsibility to verify that the definitions, parameters, and calculations of the protocol match the kit instructions and the assay requirements. Thermo Fisher Scientific will not assume any responsibility for the results of the assays performed with these software protocols.

Read first the instructions on downloading the SkanIt Software protocols of the Multiskan GO.

Note: SkanIt software sessions on the protocol library are compatible with the SkanIt version 3.2 software for Multiskan GO only. Sessions for the 4th generation SkanIt software are under development and will be available soon.  

Assay Description SkanIt Software
dsDNA quantitation dsDNA quantitation and 260/280 ratio calculation
Promega CellTiter 96 AQueous One Solution Cell Proliferation Assay  Determining the number of viable cells in
proliferation or cytotoxicity assays
Thermo Scientific Coomassie (Bradford) Protein Assay Total protein quantitation
Thermo Scientific Coomassie Plus (Bradford) Protein Assay Total protein quantitation
Thermo Scientific 660 nm Protein Assay Total protein quantitation
Thermo Scientific BCA Protein Assay Total protein quantitation
Thermo Scientific Modified Lowry Protein Assay Total protein quantitation
Thermo Scientific Human TNF Alpha ELISA Quantification of human Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha
Thermo Scientific Human IFN gamma ELISA Quantification of human Interferon gamma
Thermo Scientific Mouse IFN gamma ELISA Quantification of mouse Interferon gamma
Thermo Scientific Human IL-8 ELISA Quantification of human Interleukin-8
Thermo Scientific Human IL-1 beta ELISA Quantification of human Interleukin-1 beta
Thermo Scientific Human IL-2 ELISA Quantification of human Interleukin-2
Thermo Scientific Human IL-6 ELISA Quantification of human Interleukin-6
Thermo Scientific Mouse TNF alpha ELISA Quantification of mouse Tumor Necrosis Factor alpha