We have developed the TaqMan® Assays QPCR Guarantee,* backed by years of research and validation, to provide you with confidence in the data you generate using our predesigned TaqMan® Assays.

We guarantee that all of our TaqMan® Assays will enable you to obtain data you can trust, or we will replace them at no cost or give you a credit for the assay purchase price. In addition, we’ve included a white paper and video below highlighting the TaqMan® QPCR Guarantee Program, which includes pre-designed SNP genotyping, copy number, drug metabolism enzyme and mutation detection assays..

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Introduction to the TaqMan® Assays QPCR Guarantee Program

TaqMan® Peace of Mind

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Guaranteed gene expression assay performance

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Take advantage of guaranteed performance today, order genotyping assays.

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*Terms and conditions apply. For complete details, go to lifetechnologies.com/taqmanguarantee