Fluidics scripts are protocols, or methods, used by GeneChip™ fluidics stations for the washing and staining of GeneChip arrays, and they can be downloaded from this page. The scripts are specific for the application, array format, reagents and the fluidics station model used. To determine which fluidics script is appropriate for your application, see compatible scripts below.


The fluidics installer can be used with GeneChip Operating Software (GCOS) or GeneChip Command Console (AGCC) to install fluidic scripts. The fluidics script installer and fluidics script packages are available for registered users to download. During the installation process, you will be able to choose which fluidics scripts you want to install.

WinZip™ is required for accessing the fluidics installer. Download the zipped files to your hard drive using the link below and double click on the downloaded file to open WinZip and begin the installation. If the WinZip Wizard interface is used, simply follow the on-screen instructions for decompressing and installing the files.


Fluidics installer

Download the fluidics installer and extract to a folder using the unzip application. The fluidics installer can be used for installing protocols on GCOS or AGCC. After downloading the installer, start the installer executable (FluidicsScriptInstaller.exe) and point to the fluidic script package.

Fluidics script packages

Download the fluidics package for the appropriate fluidics station. It is not necessary to unzip the fluidics script package. The fluidics scripts can be installed on the workstation by pointing the fluidics installer to the fluidics package zip file downloaded from the web.

Compatible fluidics scripts

Please refer to the tables in the Fluidics Script Compatibility Table › (*Last updated on 24 Aug 2007) to determine which fluidics script is appropriate for your application. You may need to reference some specific information regarding your application to determine the appropriate fluidics script, such as:

  • The GeneChip array type and format used
  • The specific reagents used (e.g., for 3' Eukaryotic arrays: the IVT labeling kit vs. other labeling kits; the hybridization, wash, and stain kit vs. user-prepared solutions)
  • The model number of the fluidics station used

Please also refer to the GeneChip array and reagent package inserts and technical manuals for additional information on fluidics scripts.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.