The IC installer automatically detects the current operating system and installs the appropriate IC version (IC 4.5 for Windows 2000 and IC 5.0 for Windows XP).

Note: Before downloading and installing IC 5.0, please review the software validation document for important compatibility information:
Windows 2000 and XP support and validation for software and instrumentation ›

IC 4.5

  • IC 4.5 is installed when the installation program detects a Window 2000 operating system.
  • IC 4.5 supports the GA2500 and GCS3000 with High-Resolution Scanning upgrade, and the Autoloader Windows 2000.

IC 5.0

  • IC 5.0 is installed when the installation program detects a Windows XP operating system.
  • IC 5.0 supports the GCS3000 with High-Resolution Scanning upgrade and the Autoloader under Windows 2000.
  • GA2500 scanner and GCS3000 without High-Resolution scanner are not supported for Windows XP.

IC 6.0.1

  • IC 6.0.1 supports the GCS 3000 with High-Resolution Scanning Upgrade, 7G, and 7G Plus scanners under Windows XP. IC 6.0.1 does not support the GA2500 scanner.

Note: The GCS 3000 Low Resolution scanner (without the high resolution scanning patch) requires IC 3.1. Please contact your local Technical Support Center to obtain IC 3.1 or upgrade your scanner with the High-Resolution patch available below.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.