With Absolute Q assays, gold standard performance is guaranteed*

Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays have long been considered the gold standard in quantitative genomic and proteomic analysis, providing high specificity, reproducibility, sensitivity, and unsurpassed content. We have invested years of research and verification to offer you the industry's largest portfolio of application-specific, predesigned real-time PCR assays ready to work right out of the box. Now that expertise has been extended to our Applied Biosystems Absolute Q portfolio of digital PCR (dPCR) assays. And just like our TaqMan Assays, Absolute Q dPCR assays are developed using a robust probe/primer design pipeline to help ensure that every assay delivers results you can trust.

We stand behind every predesigned Absolute Q dPCR Assay you buy from us

We guarantee the performance of all our predesigned Absolute Q assays for dPCR experiments. Our application-specific portfolio of assays enables you to obtain the highest quality and performance available. These assays are designed and verified for digital PCR analysis using up-to-date annotations and gold standard TaqMan-based chemistry.

If an Absolute Q dPCR Assay does not perform according to the guarantee, we will replace it at no cost, or credit your account.*

How does the guarantee work?

It’s simple. If any of our Absolute Q dPCR assays covered in the guarantee program, does not perform according to the guarantee or according to the conformance documentation contact technical support and report the problem. Our experienced support team will help you identify the issue and replace the assays as needed. See the FAQs below and/or Terms and Conditions for more details about the program.

Frequently asked questions

How do I get a replacement assay?

Just contact Technical Support in your region within 12 months of your assay delivery and the support representative will be happy to verify if you qualify for the guarantee andhelp you order your replacement assay or credit the purchase price of the assay as needed. You may be asked to provide experiment data for evaluation in some instances.

What do I need to do to qualify?

You are automatically qualified when you buy any of the products included in the program subject to the Absolute Q Assay Guarantee Terms and Conditions

What products are covered?

All Applied Biosystems predesigned Absolute Q dPCR Assay products are included in the program.

How do I know whether the issue is with my assay or my sample?

It may be the case that you are not getting expected results due to issues with your sample (such as sample purity or contamination). Our expert technical support staff can help identify such issues.

How long is the program valid for?

There is no end date for the Absolute Q Assay Guarantee Program. We have complete confidence in the performance of Absolute Q dPCR assays and want to ensure you have that same level of confidence. For more information, visit the Terms & Conditions page

*Terms and conditions apply. For complete details of the guarantee, go to thermofisher.com/absoluteqassayguarantee

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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