Alexa Fluor Dye-labeled Peptide Synthesis Service

Thermo Scientific Custom Peptide Synthesis Service offers dye-labeled peptide synthesis for a broad range of dyes, featuring our highly cited, high performance Alexa Fluor dyes to meet a variety of research needs. Peptides between 6 and 70 amino acids in length are synthesized and labeled using the latest FMOC solid-phase technology and purified using HPLC. A range of peptide synthesis scales (1 mg–10 mg) and purity (crude to 98%) are available.

  • High performing dyes–Alexa Fluor dye conjugates exhibit more intense fluorescence compared to other spectrally similar conjugates.
  • Versatility–broad selection of dyes and other modifications for detection available
  • Validation–all peptides are analyzed by MALDI MS alone or combined with analytical HPLC
  • Economical–conjugation services with Alexa Fluor dyes are cost effective compared to other suppliers

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Applications for fluorescent peptides

  • Flow cytometry
  • In-vivo imaging
  • Enzyme activity detection
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Fluorescent assay development

Alexa Fluor conjugates exhibit more intense fluorescence than other spectrally similar conjugates.

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Specifications of the Thermo Scientific Alexa Fluor-labeled Peptide Synthesis Service

Peptide length 6 to 70 amino acids
Peptide manufacturing scale 1 to 10 mg
Peptide purity options Crude - 98% pure
Peptide quality control (QC) MALDI MS and analytical HPLC
Peptide conjugation site (reactive group)  and conditions
  • C-term conjugation to carboxyl groups (-COOH). The side chains of Asp and Glu will (partly) react as well
  • N-term conjugation to amino groups (-NH2). The side chains of Lys will react as well
  • Conjugation to the thiol group (-SH) of Cys In this case all Cys in the sequence will react
Conjugate delivery options ≥10 business days, depending on scale and purity

† Please inquire about shorter or longer peptide lengths;
‡ Greater amounts or different scales available upon request