Free peptide design tool for optimal antigenicity and production of better performing custom antibodies

The Antigen Profiler is a bioinformatics protein sequence analysis tool and custom peptide design algorithm for designing and creating the best possible peptide antigens.

The platform incorporates an exclusive set of powerful bioinformatics algorithms for analyzing and designing peptide and protein antigens to ensure high-titer custom production of highly-specific antibodies. The analysis is offered as a service for researchers who wish to design and synthesize effective peptide antigens for custom antibody development using our comprehensive Custom Antibody Production Service.


  • Bioinformatics driven—compares antigenicity based upon actual in vivo titer data from over 15,000 peptide antibodies
  • Specificity aware—includes curated BLAST analysis against multiple species to minimize cross-reactivity
  • Structurally informed—incorporates important structural motifs that are proven sites for producing high binding antibodies
  • Detailed reporting—easy-to-read graphical analysis report and built-in peptide tutorial to evaluate synthesis and solubility

Details and additional information
Advanced protein analysis

The Antigen Profiler analysis compiles bioinformatic data based on epitope mapping, secondary structural analysis, and comparative antigenicity to design antibodies with greater collective utility across assay formats. Sophisticated computational algorithms identify active sites, signal peptides, splice variants, and over a dozen additional features including:

  • Modified residues (acetylation, glycosylation, phosphorylation, and more)
  • DNA binding sites
  • Helices and turns
  • Transmembrane regions
Optimal peptide design

Our internal analysis program searches and accesses your sequence to identify the best candidate peptides that optimize synthesis success, solubility, and antigenicity. Each peptide is compared with our curated BLAST databases of over two dozen species to limit cross-reactivity while improving overall antibody specificity. When you synthesize peptides designed based on Antigen Profiler Analysis, you are in control to:

  • Target post-translational modifications
  • Avoid epitopes unavailable due to structural constraints
  • Specify desirable cross-reactivity
  • Eliminate re-synthesis times with built-in peptide tutorial for synthesis and solubility
  • Choose the best antigen conjugation and presentation options for your desired assay(s)
Customer report

With each custom antibody project, you receive a complete protein analysis and peptide design report. Each Antigen Profiler Report graphically displays protein characteristics and automated interactive BLAST data.

The output report includes:

  • Epitope map
  • Feature viewer
  • Key attributes
  • Selected antigens
  • Highlighted peptide sequence position