Custom peptide synthesis and antigen preparation for custom antibody production.

We offer comprehensive Thermo Scientific custom peptide synthesis service as a fully-integrated component of our Pierce Custom Antibody Production Services, adding quality and convenience to custom antibody development projects.

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The creation of peptide antigens that are (1) easily conjugated to immunogenic carrier proteins, (2) safe for animal injection and (3) effective in producing high-titer antibodies requires access to a peptide synthesis service capable of accurately assembling amino acid sequences with specific options for modification and purification. Thermo Scientific Custom Peptide Synthesis Service has these features (and many more) to meet nearly any research need, including the ability to quickly produce high-quality peptides at a variety of scales and purities that contain special chemical modifications or labels. When added to our other capabilities, our peptide synthesis service, our protein expression capabilities and our Antigen Profiler software for designing antigenic peptides enable us to provide you with a complete solution for custom antibody production.


  • Accurate synthesis - we use state-of-the-art applications of Fmoc solid-phase technology, which is recognized as the most reliable and precise method for synthesizing peptides
  • Efficient purification - we purify synthesized peptides using integrated liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (i.e., mass directed purification), enabling rapid preparation of peptides for use in antibody production
  • High quality - we test peptide quality by MS and analytical HPLC analysis using stringent gradients, ensuring delivery of high-quality peptides for antibody production
  • Economical - integrated methods for synthesis, purification and testing ensure rapid turn-around to keep costs low and expedite antibody development projects
  • Modification-capable - we stock the necessary reagents and tools to incorporate nearly any side-chain or terminal chemical modification of biological, antigenic or purification relevance
  • Integrated design - if you choose our custom antibody services to synthesize your peptide antigen, we'll help design the best possible peptide(s) using our Antigen Profiler, plus we'll optimize carrier protein conjugation using our Targeted Antigen Display.

Details and additional information

Peptide synthesis for antibody production

The most common or optimal peptide length for antibody production is between 10 and 20 residues, but peptides as small as 4 amino acids and as large as 75 amino acids can be made.

Antigen design

When considering and designing peptides for synthesis and immunization, minimize potential synthesis difficulties (added cost) by avoiding certain residues and sequences, including:

  • Extremely long repeats of the same amino acid (e.g., RRRR)
  • Serine (S), Threonine (T), Alanine (A), and Valine (V) doublets
  • Ending or starting a sequence with a proline (P)
  • Glutamine (Q) or Asparagine (N) at the n-terminus
  • Peptides over weighted with hydrophobic residues (e.g. V,A,L,I, etc.)

These and many other considerations are automatically assessed and prioritized with our Antigen Profiler, an exclusive set of powerful bioinformatics algorithms for analyzing and designing peptide and protein antigens to ensure high-titer custom production of highly-specific antibodies.

Peptide conjugation

Pierce Custom Antibody Production Service includes multiple options for conjugating peptide antigens or haptens to immunogenic carrier proteins using strategies that optimize antigen presentation and antibody titer. Our Targeted Antigen Display (TAD) combines intelligent consideration of designed peptide structures, epitopes and antigenicities with carefully selected combinations of conjugation methods to optimize antibody production with respect to intended assay applications.

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