Plate sealers

Thermo Scientific plate sealers are designed to work with multiple sealing formats included heat seals, adhesive seals and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cap mats. Our range of sealing equipment is designed to meet the needs of any lab from basic research to high throughput automated handling operations.

Choose from a range of plate sealing equipment

Whether you require high throughput or high precision heat sealing, or reliable adhesive seals or cap mat Thermo Scientific has a solution for your application

 SuperSealerALPS 50V-Manual Heat SealerALPS3000 Automated Microplate Heat SealerALPS5000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer
ApplicationsApplying individually cut adhesive seals and cap mats to plates and racked tubes. Provides individual sealing options for liquid handling and single tube accessiblity in addition to sealing entire plates and blocks for storageDesigned to provide sealing consistency in low to medium throughput labs. Heat sealing offers superior sample protection of storage and reaction plates in applications including compound storage, sample archiving and PCR. Accomodates a wide range of heat seals including pierceable, optically clear and permanent. Semi-manual operationHigh throughput plate heat sealing applications where scale up to automation integration may be desired.High throughput plate heat sealing applications where scale up to automation integration may be desired.  Does not require an airline or vacuum source for operation.  Reduced noise.
CompatibilityMicroplates, deep-well blocks and racked storage tubesMicroplatesMicroplatesMicroplates
AppliesMatrix SepraSeal mats, CapMats, any pre-cut adhesive tape sealHeat seals from individual sheetsHeat seals from roll stock
Heat seals from roll stock
ThroughputLowLow to mediumHighHigh
Automation CompatibleNoNoYesYes
Programming OptionsNoneSealing temp and timeSealing temp and timeSealing time, temperature, force, foil length and sealing distance
Saving ProtocolsNoNoNoYes
Energy saving modeNoNoNoYes
Speed10-15 second/plate, block or rack of tubes10-15 second/plate10 plates/minute3 plates/minute
System requirementsPower supply 110-240VPower Supply
100-130V – T3.15A (IEC 127)
or 220-240V – T1.6A (IEC 127)
Air Supply 50L/min@80-87psiPower supply 110 to 240V 50/60Hz

Improved High Throughput with Cost-Saving Results

Multidrop dispenser workflow

The cost of high-throughput sample processing with automated liquid handlers (ALH) is an expense most labs can't afford. This new workflow solution is designed to save costs and improve the number of samples processed per week.  In the revised workflow, the Multidrop Combi Dispenser replaces the aspiration and dispense step. Instead of using a pipette for a mixing step, this is replaced by sealing the microplate, shaking for ~30 seconds, and spinning for ~30 seconds. With the dispensing speed of the Multidrop Combi Dispenser and with the 4 plate positions of the Compact Digital Microplate Shaker, labs can process 4 plates per reagent faster than it would take using an ALH.

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ALPS 5000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer 

ALPS 3000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer 

ALPS 50 V-Manual Heat Sealer 

Super Sealer

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