Plate sealers

Thermo Scientific plate sealers are designed to work with multiple sealing formats included heat seals, adhesive seals and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) cap mats. Our range of sealing equipment is designed to meet any lab's needs whether they require the high throughput automation compatibility of the ALPS 3000 or the precise sealing parameters for sealing individual plates of the ALPS 50V.

Choose from a range of plate sealing equipment

Whether you require high throughput or high precision heat sealing, or reliable adhesive seals or cap mat Thermo Scientific has a solution for your application

  ALPS 3000 Automated
Microplate Heat Sealer
ALPS  50 V-Manual
Heat Sealer
ALPS 30 Manual
Heat Sealer
Seals Plates X X X X
Adhesive Seals       X
Heat Seals X X X  
Cap Mats       X
Individual Sheets   X X X
Rolls X      
Touch Screen Control X      
Programmable Temperature X X    
Programmable Timer X      
Automation Compatible X      

Virtual demo and installation instructions

ALPS 3000 Automated Microplate Heat Sealer 

ALPS 50 V-Manual Heat Sealer 

Super Sealer

Plate sealing at your fingertips

Plate sealing is important for researchers who wish to protect plate contents either temporarily or longer term, to avoid contamination and/or evaporation. Manual workflows benefit from adhesive seals that can be applied quickly over the surface of the plate. Other short-term options are cap mats or polystyrene lids to protect the well contents.