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Apply and remove screw caps from your Thermo Scientific Matrix and Nunc tubes efficiently and ergonmically with these Thermo Scientific Capper and Decapper options. Choose from an 8-channel hand held model for low throughput needs or scale up to an automated model for higher throughput. All models tighten screw caps to the optimal torque to prevent sample loss. 

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The following options are for Matrix and Nunc tubes.




Handheld Capper/DecapperDecapper 500/Decapper 550Capit-All Decapper
DescriptionThe 8-channel Handheld Capper/Decapper removes and applies caps a row at time.Hands-free automated 12 channel Capper/Decapper removes a row at at time. Quick Switch between Matrix and Nunc tubes using the same instrumentHands-free automated Capper/Decapper can remove a whole rack of caps at the same time. Can be fully integrated into automated systems
Recommended UseLow throughput labs processing 3-5 racks of tubes daily

Medium to high throughput applications processing 6-30 racks of tubes daily.

Applications where process steps are executed with a 12 channel pipet.

Labs wanting flexibility to use one decapper with both Nunc and Matrix tubes

High throughput operations processing 30+ racks daily and where integration with automated systems may be needed
Throughput3-5 Racks/Day6-30 Racks/Day30+ Racks/Day
Speed4 seconds for 8 tubes

<3 seconds for 12 tubes

Entire rack in ~70 seconds

Entire rack in 10 seconds
Channels8 channel12 channel24, 48 & 96 ,48 channel
Dimensions25.1cm x 9.5cm x 5cm
(9.87 n. x 3.76in. x 2in.)
600mm x 380mm x 440mm (23.6in. x 15.0in. x 17.3in.)32.8cm x 36.0cm x 56.0cm
(14.2in. x 12.9in. x 22in.)
InterfaceManualGraphical user interface

Four-button user interface

Integrated Barcode ReaderNo500 - No
550 - Yes
CompatibilityMatrix tubes in 96 way format
Nunc tubes in 96 and 48 way format
Matrix and Nunc 2D barcode tubes in 96 and48 way formatMatrix or Nunc 2D barcode tubes in ANSI format
AdditionsStandNoneIS System
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Capit-All IS

Features of the Capit-All IS Integrated System

Does it matter if caps are applied with optimal application torque?

Yes. Sample loss due to evaporation during long-term cryogenic storage is a common problem that can prove troublesome or even disastrous. Sample loss can alter the concentration or composition of the sample making it impossible to achieve reproducible results. This study demonstrates how the application torque applied to the tube closure during capping affects sample attrition following repeated thawing and freezing cycles. 


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8-Channel Screw Cap Capper / Decapper processes a rack of Matrix tubes in less than a minute.

8-Channel Screw Cap Capper / Decapper processes a rack of Nunc tubes in less than a minute.

Capit-All removes and replaces screw caps on 96-format storage tubes with precision and ease.

Helpful tips to correctly unbox and assemble the Decapper 500 instrument.

How to use Decapper 500 and Decapper 550 to decap and cap 2D tubes.

Decapper 500 with adapters that allow you to switch between Matrix and Nunc tube types.

Follow these simple steps for Decapper 500/550 remote diagnostics capabilities.