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Thermo Scientific Capper and Decappers provide manual and automated decapping and capping of Thermo Scientific Matrix and Thermo Scientific Nunc Tubes with screw top closures. Capper and Decapper options for Matrix and Nunc tubes offer optimal torque to prevent sample loss. Reduce the risk of repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

For Open Top tubes, we also offer the manual SepraSeal Cap Removal Tool ›

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The following options are for Matrix and Nunc tubes.




Handheld Capper/Decapper Decapper 500/Decapper 550 Capit-All Decapper
Description The 8-channel Capper/Decapper processes a full rack of Matrix or Nunc tubes in less than one minute, ergonomically.   Automated Capper/Decapper in ANSI racks with Quick Switch Technology for medium-to-high throughput laboratories. Capit-All is hands-free and Capit-All IS unit is for integration into automated systems.
Dimension 25.1cm x 9.5cm x 5cm
(9.87 in. x 3.76 in. x 2 in.)
600mm x 380mm x 440mm
(23.6 in. x 15.0 in. x 17.3 in.)
32.8cm x 36.0cm x 56.0cm
(14.2 in. x 12.9 in. x 22 in.)
Throughput Low Medium to high High
Speed 4 seconds for 8 tubes Less than 3 seconds Entire rack in 10 seconds
Channels 8 channel 12 channel 24, 48 & 96 48 channel
Interface Projected capacitive
Graphical user interface

Four-button user interface

Barcode Reader No 500 - No
550 - Yes
Integrated IS system
Data Resource No Data Export Integrated into 
automated systems
Compatibility Matrix or Nunc specific Matrix or Nunc
2D barcode storage tube
Matrix or Nunc
2D barcode storage tube
Ergonomic Yes Yes Yes
Additions Stand None IS System
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Capit-All IS

Features of the Capit-All IS Integrated System

Capit-All IS System

The Capit-All IS can be operated as a stand-alone benchtop unit. When research needs to be ramped up, the instrument easily can be integrated with most any robotic system. The Capit-All IS can also process over one million tubes before routine service to maximize uptime.

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