A range of Thermo Scientific cap mats, sealing tapes, and heat seals and heat sealers offers reliable options for maintaining the integrity of your plate contents, allowing you to store your samples confidently. 

Cap Mats

Storage Plate Cap Mats

96-well Cap Mats for Nunc and Abgene polypropylene plates designed to protect well contents from evaporation, outside contamination and cross-well contamination

Sealing Tapes

Nunc Sealing Tapes minimize evaporation and protect samples from contamination and spilling. Adhesive seals are ideal for all assay applications.

heat seals

Heat Seals

Fast and affordable sealing options available in sheet and roll formats for a variety of different applications. Foil and polymer formats for PC, PS, PE, & COC plates.

plate lids

Storage Plate Lids

Nunc storage and universal microplate lids available with condensation rings, evaporation barriers, and available in different colors & sizes.

sealer and plate

Choose from a range of plate sealing equipment

Our range of heat seals offers many material options including pierceable, clear, and very strong seals. 

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