Since the initial isolation of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) Gibco media and reagents, including Gibco KnockOut Serum Replacement (KSR), have been trusted for pluripotent stem cell growth.

Today, we provide a broad selection of complete culture, engineering, differentiation and analysis tools for human and mouse embryonic stem cells.

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Step-by-step guide to embryonic stem cell research products

Embryonic stem cell (ESC) research requires careful attention to culture conditions. Gibco media and reagents have been at the forefront of embryonic stem cell research for years.

From KnockOut Serum Replacement to Gibco Essential 8 Medium and cell therapy research media, optimized passaging reagents and substrates, Gibco products deliver culture with confidence.

Choose from a complete selection of transfection, cloning and viral transduction technologies to engineer your embryonic stem cells for the study of gene and protein expression, differentiation methods or the effects of disease specific genes.

We offer a number of high-quality growth factors and cytokines for targeted differentiation of Embryonic Stem cells (ESCs).  These proteins are extensively tested to ensure high biological activity, high purity, freeze-thaw stability, and structural homogeneity.

In addition, our large portfolio of cell culture media and reagents, along with our custom media services, allow optimal growth, expansion, and storage of differentiated cells.

Validating embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and their progeny to confirm pluripotency or ensure differentiation into the desired cell type is a critical step in your research.

Select from a broad range of fluorescent antibodies for flow cytometry and combine them with the Attune NxT Flow Cytometer for true rare event detection in ESCs. Use TaqMan Assays to simultaneously analyze the expression levels of 96 genes by quantitative PCR and TaqMan Protein Assays quantify protein markers from limited quantities of stem cells.

We provide a comprehensive set of resources for stem cell research including print and video protocols, product citations, tips and tricks, and technical support.