1. What are the target cell lines that StemPro Accutase can be used for?

A. You can use StemPro Accutase wherever gentle and efficient dissociation is needed. GIBCO has also validated StemPro Accutase for use with hESC grown in StemPro hESC SFM and for NSC with StemPro NSC SFM. All the tests resulted in great recovery of cells without losing their properties and maintaining good viability. In addition, the product insert list examples of cell lines where the application has been validated and published.

2. Can I use StemPro Accutase to dissociate non-adherent cells?

A. Yes. StemPro Accutase has been tested to dissociate spheres of neural progenitors (Neurosphere).

3. The frozen bottle shows uneven color distribution and upon thawing it has layered color distribution. Is it normal?

A. Yes. During the freezing procedure or shipping, uneven color can be observed. However, it will not compromise the activity or performance of the enzyme. Just make sure to mix the solution by inverting tube or the bottle to get even color before the use.

4. The product arrived partially thawed, can I still use it?

A. Yes. Thaw it at RT or overnight at 4°C to get complete thawing. Otherwise place in the freezer and refreeze.

5. The product arrived completely thawed. Can I still use it?

A. Yes, as long as the Accutase is still cool to the touch.

6. I did not read the insert thoroughly and thawed it at 37 degrees. Can I still use it?

A. Yes. If it is exposed to 37°C just until complete thawing is achieved, it still can be used. However, this could result in decreased enzyme activity and it would take more time to get full dissociation. If you observed this, consider to start with a new bottle. If a bottle of Accutase is kept at 37°C for more than one hour, it will loose its activity.

7. How long can I store StemPro Accutase at 4°C?

A. Once thawed, it is recommended to use it within 2 months. However, the internal stability data suggests stable enzyme activity even after 1 year.

8. Do I need to stop the dissociation reaction with serum?

A. No. StemPro Accutase is gentle enough that only dilution of the reagent with DPBS or media is required to stop the dissociation activity.

9. Do I need to dilute StemPro Accutase before using it.

A. No. StemPro Accutase is supplied as a convenient, ready to use reagent. No dilution required prior to use.

10. Do I need to worry about over-dissociating my cells with StemPro Accutase?

A. No. However, although StemPro Accutase is gentle on cells, the optimal time for dissociation should be determined for your specific cell type and application.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.