24 Hours of Stem Cells

Enrich your perspective on stem cell research with a selection of presentations from our 24 Hours of Stem Cells virtual event.

Select on-demand presentations from 2015

Webinar Speaker
Antibodies for stem cell research Kara Machleidt
Differentiation of midbrain floor plate progenitors and dopaminergic neurons from human pluripotent stem cells Soojung Shin
Epigenetic regulation in stem cells and reprogramming Alexander Meissner
Essential 8™ Flex: Eliminating daily feeding in a feeder-free, xeno-free PSC culture system Matthew Dallas
Genome editing and stem cell engineering for disease modeling Jon Chesnut
Highly efficient genome editing and cell engineering in stem cells using CRISPR/Cas9 Namritha Ravinder
Shantanu Kumar
Improved T cell function and in vivo engraftment of CAR-T cells expanded ex vivo with CTS Immune Cell SR Angel Varela-Rohena
Pluripotent stem cell characterization methods Deborah Tieberg
Pluripotent stem cell culture systems: Identification of appropriate medium, matrix, and passaging reagent for your stem cell workflow needs Rhonda Newman
PSCs to cardiomyocytes in three steps Alex Hannay
Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cell therapy capabilities Brian Newsom

Select on-demand presentations from 2014

Webinar Speaker
Antibody based tools and protocols for characterization of pluripotent stem cells Nirupama Pike
Considerations for the culture of pluripotent stem cells Jennifer Crean
Culture adaptation of pluripotent stem cells: an in vitro model for oncogenesis Ivana Barbaric
Development of chemically defined cell culture for human pluripotent stem cells Guokai Chen
Differentiate pluripotent stem cells to contracting cardiomyocytes in 3 easy steps Alex Hannay
Eliminate serum to gain control of your T cell research Sandy Kuligowski
Molecular engineering of biomaterial platforms for scalable stem cell manufacturing David Schaffer
Rapid induction of neural stem cells without the need for EB formation Alex Hannay
Reprogramming cells to study mental disorders Stevens Rehen
Score! A gene expression profile for your iPS lines Deborah Tieberg
The future of pluripotent stem cell banking Jonathan Loh Yuin-Han
Utility of gene expression signatures for the characterization of cellular identity Alexander Meissner
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