Sequencing success from as little as 1 ng FFPE DNA or RNA

Worried about sequencing DNA from FFPE samples or fine-needle aspirates for your research? You shouldn’t be.

With citations in more than 500 peer-reviewed publications, and thousands of labs depending on Ion AmpliSeq™ panels for successful next-generation sequencing library preparation, you can expect success with this exceptional technology. 

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Comparable targeted sequencing performance for 1–100 ng of input DNA using Ion AmpliSeq technology

DNA was prepared from 1 cm2 sections of FFPE liver research samples (n=2) using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Direct FFPE DNA Kit protocol and then quantified using the Invitrogen™ Qubit™ dsDNA HS Assay Kit. Input DNA amounts of 1 ng, 10 ng, or 100 ng were used to generate targeted Ion AmpliSeq™ libraries,** prepared using the Ion AmpliSeq™ Kit for Chef DL8, sequenced using the Ion PGM™ System, and analyzed using Torrent Suite™ Software. Comparable performance was demonstrated for all samples with coverage uniformity >95%, on-target reads >97%, and strand bias <5%.

Watch how Ion AmpliSeq technology works

This simple yet versatile technology is based on highly multiplexed PCR; watch this video to find out how it works.


Customer success stories

“We’ve created four custom Ion AmpliSeq panels, and all of them are performing extremely well on FFPE-derived DNA.”

— Christopher Corless, MD, PhD, Knight Diagnostic Laboratories, Knight Cancer Institute, Oregon, USA

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New Ion AmpliSeq Direct FFPE DNA Kit

Introducing an innovative kit that enables extraction of high-quality DNA from FFPE samples in just 30 minutes, with 10 minutes of hands-on time.

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The convenient predesigned panels allow researchers to focus on data generation and analysis, not on the labor-intensive primer design and target selection steps.

Our community panels are designed with input from leading researchers in the scientific community.

If the Ion AmpliSeq™ ready-to-use panels don't match your gene targets then simply select a subset of the targets or enter your specific genomic content online and we will design and create customized Ion AmpliSeq NGS panels just for you.

** An Ion AmpliSeq high-content gene panel, targeting 134 genes and containing 2,530 primer pairs, was used to demonstrate targeted sequencing performance.
† Coverage uniformity = percentage of bases covered at ≥20% of the mean coverage.
‡ On-target reads = percentage of reads that mapped to target regions, out of total mapped reads per run.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.