Scalable NGS library prep automation solutions to maximize lab efficiency


Generate next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries that are compatible with Illumina NGS systems and perform high-throughput library quantification on the SPT Labtech mosquito HV and dragonfly systems . Pre-programmed protocols enable high-speed plate setup, freeing your time for other activities.


Achieve higher success rates with NGS library prep automation


Miniaturization decreases the volume of library preparation reagents by as much as 10X, enabling 5–6 replicates of each sample to be generated for less than the cost of a single sample using traditional automation. Sequencing 5–6 replicates per sample ensures that sequencing runs do not need to be repeated if a single sample fails on the flow cell, ensuring that sequencing runs are successful the first time. Visual feedback from color-changing tracking dyes included in the Invitrogen Collibri Library Preparation Kits for Illumina Systems confirm well-to-well consistency during NGS library preparation.


Success from small samples


Collibri DNA Library Prep Kits for Illumina Systems provide even genomic coverage from 1 ng of input. PCR-free strong coverage of biologically important genes is available from 100 ng of DNA with the Collibri ES DNA Library Prep Kits for Illumina Systems. Maximize lab utilization by moving from DNA to data in a single day using rapid PCR-free protocols that are completed in 1.5 hours.


Collibri Library Preparation for Illumina Systems resource center


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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