Sanger Sequencing Kit

Unleash the power of the Sanger sequencing essentials trio: uniting convenience, affordability, and efficiency for a streamlined workflow


The Applied Biosystems Sanger Sequencing Kit provides a convenient and affordable solution for preparing sequencing reactions. This comprehensive kit includes the Sanger sequencing essentials trio: all the reagents needed for PCR cleanup, cycle sequencing, and sequencing product cleanup. This simple, fast workflow enables completion of Sanger sequencing, from sample to answer, in less than one workday.


  • Convenient all-in-one package with optimal quantity for each component—we understand the importance of accuracy and efficiency in your sample prep workflow, so have carefully calibrated the quantities to help ensure you have what you need, reducing waste and increasing cost savings
  • More affordable Sanger sequencing sample preparation with built-in cost savings—built-in cost-saving measures help you allocate your resources more efficiently while maintaining the highest quality standards
  • Optimal workflow for Applied Biosystems SeqStudio, SeqStudio Flex, 3500 series, and 3730 series genetic analyzers—facilitates seamless integration and compatibility, optimizing the overall workflow and enabling reliable results

Sanger Sequencing Kit components

ExoSAP-IT Express PCR Product Cleanup Reagent helps simplify and accelerate the PCR cleanup process. It removes excess primers and unincorporated nucleotides from PCR reactions in just 5 minutes, replacing traditional methods like spin columns and gel purification. The reagent's innovative technology minimizes steps and maximizes convenience. It offers a streamlined protocol, one-tube, one-step cleanup, advanced enzyme technology for high-quality results, and 100% recovery of PCR products. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of ExoSAP-IT Express for your PCR cleanup needs.

ExoSAP-IT Express reagent

The BigDye Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit is a premixed reagent solution designed for Sanger sequencing reactions. It offers robust chemistry that is highly flexible and suitable for various sequencing applications, including de novo sequencing, resequencing, and finishing with different templates. The kit improves the quality of sequencing results, supports long read lengths, and provides better dye mobility characteristics. It also performs well in reading through GT-rich regions and enables longer, higher-quality reads with more uniform peak heights and optimal signal balance. Additionally, the kit enhances productivity and helps reduce costs.

                          BigDye Terminator v3.1 Cycle Sequencing Kit

The BigDye XTerminator Purification Kit is a fast and simple method for purifying DNA sequencing reactions. It removes unincorporated BigDye terminators and salts, eliminating dye blobs that can interfere with sequencing results. Cleanup is completed in under 40 minutes, requiring less than 10 minutes of labor. The kit offers a single plate setup to eliminate liquid transfer, allows complete dye blob removal, stabilizes samples before analysis, and improves sequencing workflows. It supports both manual and automated protocols, enabling rapid, reliable, and reproducible results.

                               BigDye XTerminator Purification Kit

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