Expect and receive high quality profiling data in days and accelerate your lead discovery projects with SelectScreen Nuclear Receptor Profiling Services from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Labs from pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer goods, and academic institutions have utilized SelectScreen Nuclear Receptor Profiling Service since their initiation in 2006.

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Why do scientists trust the SelectScreen Services team?

  • Access your data in real-time – as soon as it’s available – through our secure online portal!
  • Projects completed in an average of 7 days
  • All assays and reagents used in the service can be purchased from Thermo Fisher Scientific – allowing you to utilize the same assays in your follow-up studies that our team uses in the service
  • Broad panel of 75 nuclear receptor assays available
  • State-of-the-art compound management system ensures consistently high quality data is delivered for every project
  • Complete Lab Information Management System (LIMS) ensures project traceability and consistency

Project Options

Customize your nuclear receptor based profiling project to get the right data for your research.

Standard service options include:

  • Targets – 20 Cellular Nuclear receptors (39 assays)  and 23 Biochemical Nuclear receptors (36 assays) available
  • Mode – IC50 and/or EC50 determinations

To discuss your Nuclear Receptor profiling project requirements, send us an inquiry

Technology Overview

Currently, biochemical and cellular based Nuclear Receptor assays are available:

  • Biochemical: LanthaScreen Competitive Binding and Coactivator assays
  • Cellular: GeneBLAzer Nuclear Receptor assays

Overview of available formats

LanthaScreen biochemical Competitive Binding Assays Technology Overview  Protocol and Assay Conditions
LanthaScreen biochemical Coactivator Assays Technology Overview  Protocol and Assay Conditions
GeneBLAzer cellular assays Technology Overview  Protocol and Assay Conditions

A stringent validation process ensures the highest quality data possible with each data point performed in duplicate. Strict quality control protocols ensure that any assay results not meeting set specifications will be automatically repeated, this includes a control inhibitor titration for each assay on every plate. To discuss your Nuclear Receptor profiling project requirements, send us an inquiry

Broad Assay Panel

Assay GeneBLAzer Cellular Assay LanthaScreen Biochemical Assay
Cell Line Agonist Antagonist Coactivator Agonist Coactivator Inverse Agonist Coactivator Antagonist Competitive Binding
AR UAS-bla GripTite 293            
CAR N/A            
ER-alpha UAS-bla GripTite 293            
ER-beta UAS-bla GripTite 293            
ERR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T            
ERR-beta N/A            
ERR-gamma N/A            
FXR UAS-bla HEK 293T            
GR UAS-bla HEK 293T            
LXR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T            
LXR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T            
MR UAS-bla HEK 293T            
PPAR-alpha N/A            
PPAR-delta UAS-bla HEK 293T            
PPAR-gamma UAS-bla HEK 293H            
PR UAS-bla HEK 293T            
PXR(SXR) N/A            
RAR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T            
RAR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T            
RAR-gamma UAS-bla HEK 293T            
RXR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T            
RXR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T            
TR-alpha UAS-bla HEK 293T            
TR-beta UAS-bla HEK 293T            
VDR UAS-bla HEK 293T            

Personalized support

Personalized Support

From project beginning to end, you can rely on our Drug Discovery Services project management team to provide frequent project communication via a single point of contact.

Watch this two-minute video to see how our project managers and technical specialists create an exceptional experience for our customers.

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