The SelectScreen team describe how they deliver reliable profiling data on rapid timelines.

Expect and receive high quality kinase profiling data in days and accelerate your lead discovery projects with our SelectScreen Kinase Profiling Services.

Labs from pharmaceutical, biotech, consumer goods, and academic institutions have utilized SelectScreen Kinase Profiling Service since their initiation in 2004.

Our kinase panel has just expanded! Over 490 kinase assays now available for screening and profiling. See the Broad Assay Panel tab below for the full listing.

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Why do scientists trust the SelectScreen Services team?

  • Average data delivery time of just 3.8 days—so you can get data to your medicinal chemists more quickly
  • Access data in real-time—as soon as it is available—via our secure online portal
  • Broad panel of more than 490 purified kinases—to help you establish how selective a compound is to its intended targets
  • State-of-the-art compound management system ensures consistently high quality data is delivered for every project
  • SelectScreen labs based in the US and the UK provide profiling services for customers worldwide
  • Complete Lab Information Management System (LIMS) ensures project traceability and consistency

Project options

Customize your kinase profiling project to get the right data for your research.

Standard service options include:

  • Targets – >490 available biochemical assays
  • Mode – Single point concentrations and IC50 and/or EC50 determinations
  • Choice of ATP concentration – 10µM, 100µM, and Km [app] ATP (activity assays only)

For the kinases that are available in our activity assays, comprehensive titrations are performed against our panel of available substrates.  In addition, ATP titrations are performed for each of these kinases to determine the Km[app] ATP for each target.  As a result, you can choose to have your compound run at, above, or below the Km[app] ATP for each kinase within the panel that utilizes an activity assay.  This flexibility allows you to identify specific types of inhibitors with various mechanisms of action.

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Personalized support

From project beginning to end, you can rely on our Drug Discovery Services project management team to provide frequent project communication via a single point of contact.

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Technology overview

Currently, two different assay platforms are available for profiling – activity and binding. The Z′-LYTE™ and Adapta™  kinase activity assays are used most extensively for profiling and a smaller subset of kinases may be profiled using our LanthaScreen™ Eu Kinase Binding Assays.

Overview of available formats

 A stringent validation process ensures the highest quality data possible with each data point performed in duplicate.  Strict quality control protocols ensure that any assay results not meeting set specifications will be automatically repeated, this includes a control inhibitor titration (IC50) for each kinase on every plate.

To discuss your kinase profiling project requirements, send us an inquiry

Broad assay panel

Kinase Activity assays Binding assay
  Z′-LYTE Adapta LanthaScreen
AAK1     check
ABL1 check    
ABL1 E255K check    
ABL1 F317I check    
ABL1 F317L check    
ABL1 G250E check    
ABL1 H396P     check
ABL1 M351T     check
ABL1 Q252H     check
ABL1 T315I check    
ABL1 Y253F check    
ABL2 (Arg) check    
ACVR1 (ALK2)     check
ACVR1 (ALK2) R206H     check
ACVR1B (ALK4) check    
ACVR1C (ALK7)     check
ACVR2A     check
ACVR2B     check
ACVRL1     check
ADCK3     check
ADRBK1 (GRK2) check    
ADRBK2 (GRK3) check    
AKT1 (PKB alpha) check    
AKT2 (PKB beta) check    
AKT3 (PKB gamma) check    
ALK check    
ALK C1156Y     check
ALK F1174L     check
ALK L1196M     check
ALK R1275Q     check
ALK T1151_L1152insT     check
AMPK (A1/B1/G2)     check
AMPK (A1/B1/G3)     check
AMPK (A1/B2/G1)     check
AMPK (A1/B2/G2) check    
AMPK (A1/B2/G3) check    
AMPK (A2/B1/G2) check    
AMPK (A2/B1/G3) check    
AMPK (A2/B2/G1)     check
AMPK (A2/B2/G2)     check
AMPK (A2/B2/G3) check    
AMPK A1/B1/G1 check    
AMPK A2/B1/G1 check    
ANKK1     check
AURKA (Aurora A) check    
AURKB (Aurora B) check    
AURKC (Aurora C) check    
AXL check    
AXL R499C     check
BLK check    
BMPR1A (ALK3)     check
BMPR1B (ALK6)     check
BMPR2     check
BMX check    
BRAF check   check
BRAF V599E check   check
BRSK1 (SAD1) check    
BRSK2     check
BTK check    
CAMK1 (CaMK1)   check  
CAMK1D (CaMKI delta) check    
CAMK1G (CaMKI gamma) check    
CAMK2A (CaMKII alpha) check    
CAMK2B (CaMKII beta) check    
CAMK2D (CaMKII delta) check    
CAMK2G (CaMKII gamma)     check
CAMK4 (CaMKIV) check    
CAMKK1 (CAMKKA)     check
CAMKK2 (CaMKK beta)     check
CASK     check
CDC42 BPA (MRCKA) check    
CDC42 BPB (MRCKB) check    
CDC42 BPG (MRCKG) check    
CDC7/DBF4     check
CDK1/cyclin A2     check
CDK1/cyclin B check    
CDK11 (Inactive)     check
CDK11/cyclin C     check
CDK13/cyclin K     check
CDK14 (PFTK1)/cyclin Y     check
CDK16 (PCTK1)/cyclin Y     check
CDK17/cyclin Y check    
CDK18/cyclin Y check    
CDK2/cyclin A check    
CDK2/cyclin A1     check
CDK2/cyclin E1     check
CDK2/cyclin O     check
CDK3/cyclin E1     check
CDK4/cyclin D1   check  
CDK4/cyclin D3   check  
CDK5 (Inactive)     check
CDK5/p25 check    
CDK5/p35 check    
CDKL5 check    
CDK6/cyclin D1   check  
CDK6/cyclin D3   check  
CDK7/cyclin H/MNAT1   check  
CDK8/cyclin C     check
CDK9 (Inactive)     check
CDK9/cyclin K     check
CDK9/cyclin T1   check  
CHEK1 (CHK1) check    
CHEK2 (CHK2) check    
CHUK (IKK alpha)   check  
CLK1 check    
CLK2 check    
CLK3 check    
CLK4     check
CSF1R (FMS) check    
CSK check    
CSNK1A1 (CK1 alpha 1) check    
CSNK1A1L check    
CSNK1D (CK1 delta) check    
CSNK1E (CK1 epsilon) check    
CSNK1E (CK1 epsilon) R178C check    
CSNK1G1 (CK1 gamma 1) check    
CSNK1G2 (CK1 gamma 2) check    
CSNK1G3 (CK1 gamma 3) check    
CSNK2A1 (CK2 alpha 1) check    
CSNK2A2 (CK2 alpha 2) check    
DAPK1   check  
DAPK2     check
DAPK3 (ZIPK) check    
DCAMKL1 (DCLK1) check    
DCAMKL2 (DCK2) check    
DDR1     check
DDR2     check
DDR2 N456S     check
DDR2 T654M     check
DMPK     check
DNA-PK check    
DYRK1A check    
DYRK1B check    
DYRK2     check
DYRK3 check    
DYRK4 check    
EEF2K check    
EGFR (ErbB1) check    
EGFR (ErbB1) C797S check    
EGFR (ErbB1) d747-749 A750P     check
EGFR (ErbB1) G719C check    
EGFR (ErbB1) G719S check    
EGFR (ErbB1) L858R check    
EGFR (ErbB1) L861Q check    
EGFR (ErbB1) T790M check    
EGFR (ErbB1) T790M C797S L858R check    
EGFR (ErbB1) T790M L858R check    
EGFR d746-750     check
EIF2AK2     check
EPHA1 check    
EPHA2 check    
EPHA3     check
EPHA4 check    
EPHA5 check    
EPHA6     check
EPHA7     check
EPHA8 check    
EPHB1 check    
EPHB2 check    
EPHB3 check    
EPHB4 check    
ERBB2 (HER2) check    
ERBB4 (HER4) check    
ERN1     check
ERN2     check
FER check    
FES (FPS) check    
FGFR1 check    
FGFR1 V561M     check
FGFR2 check    
FGFR2 N549H check    
FGFR3 check    
FGFR3 G697C     check
FGFR3 K650E check    
FGFR3 K650M     check
FGFR3 V555M check    
FGFR4 check    
FGR check    
FLTA (VEGFR3) check    
FLT1 (VEGFR1) check    
FLT3 check    
FLT3 D835Y check    
FLT3 ITD     check
FRAP1 (mTOR) check    
FRK (PTK5) check    
FYN check    
FYN A     check
GAK     check
GRK1     check
GRK4 check    
GRK5 check    
GRK6 check    
GRK7 check    
GSG2 (Haspin)   check  
GSK3A (GSK3 alpha) check    
GSK3B (GSK3 beta) check    
HCK check    
HIPK1 (Myak) check    
HIPK2 check    
HIPK3 (YAK1) check    
HIPK4 check    
HUNK     check
ICK     check
IGF1R check    
IKBKB (IKK beta) check    
IKBKE (IKK epsilon) check    
INSR check    
INSRR (IRR) check    
IRAK1   check  
IRAK3     check
IRAK4 check    
ITK check    
JAK1 check    
JAK2 check    
JAK2 JH1 JH2 check    
JAK2 JH1 JH2 V617F check    
JAK3 check    
KDR (VEGFR2) check    
KIT check    
KIT A829P     check
KIT D816H     check
KIT D816V     check
KIT D820E     check
KIT N822K     check
KIT T670E     check
KIT T670I check    
KIT V559D check    
KIT V559D T670I     check
KIT V559D V654A check    
KIT V560G check    
KIT V654A     check
KIT Y823D     check
KSR2 check    
LATS1     check
LATS2     check
LCK check    
LIMK1     check
LIMK2     check
LRRK2   check  
LRRK2 FL   check  
LRRK2 G2019S   check  
LRRK2 G2019S FL check    
LRRK2 I2020T   check  
LRRK2 R1441C   check  
LTK (TYK1) check    
LYN A check    
LYN B check    
MAP2K1 (MEK1 ) check   check
MAP2K1 (MEK1) S218D S222D     check
MAP2K2 (MEK2) check   check
MAP2K3 (MEK3)     check
MAP2K4 (MEK4)     check
MAP2K5 (MEK5)     check
MAP2K6 (MKK6) check   check
MAP2K6 (MKK6) S207E T211E     check
MAP3K10 (MLK2)     check
MAP3K11 (MLK3)     check
MAP3K14 (NIK)     check
MAP3K19 (YSK4) check    
MAP3K2 (MEKK2)     check
MAP3K3 (MEKK3)     check
MAP3K5 (ASK1)     check
MAPK7 (ERK5) check    
MAP3K7/MAP3K7IP1 (TAK1-TAB1)     check
MAP3K8 (COT) check    
MAP3K9 (MLK1) check    
MAP4K1 (HPK1)     check
MAP4K2 (GCK) check    
MAP4K3 (GLK)     check
MAP4K4 (HGK) check    
MAP4K5 (KHS1) check    
MAPK1 (ERK2) check    
MAPK10 (JNK3) check   check
MAPK11 (p38 beta) check    
MAPK12 (p38 gamma) check    
MAPK13 (p38 delta) check    
MAPK14 (p38 alpha) check    
MAPK14 (p38 alpha) Direct check    
MAPK15 (ERK7)     check
MAPK3 (ERK1) check    
MAPK8 (JNK1 ) check   check
MAPK9 (JNK2) check   check
MAPKAPK2 check    
MAPKAPK3 check    
MAPKAPK5 (PRAK) check    
MARK1 (MARK) check    
MARK2 check    
MARK3 check    
MARK4 check    
MASTL     check
MATK (HYL) check    
MELK check    
MERTK (cMER) check    
MERTK (cMER) A708S     check
MET (cMet) check    
MET (cMET) Y1235D check    
MET D1228H     check
MET M1250T check    
MINK1 check    
MKNK1 (MNK1) check    
MKNK2 (MNK2)     check
MLCK (MLCK2)     check
MLK4     check
MST1R (RON) check    
MST4 check    
MUSK check    
MYLK (MLCK)     check
MYLK2 (skMLCK) check    
MYLK4     check
MYO3A (MYO3 alpha)     check
MYO3B (MYO3 beta)     check
NEK1 check    
NEK2 check    
NEK4 check    
NEK6 check    
NEK7 check    
NEK8     check
NEK9 check    
NIM1K check    
NLK     check
NTRK1 (TRKA) check    
NTRK2 (TRKB) check    
NTRK3 (TRKC) check    
NUAK1 (ARK5)   check  
NUAK2     check
OXSR1     check
PAK1 check    
PAK2 (PAK65) check    
PAK3 check    
PAK4 check    
PAK6 check    
PAK7 (KIAA1264) check    
PASK check    
PDGFRA (PDGFR alpha) check    
PDGFRA D842V check    
PDGFRA T674I check    
PDGFRA V561D check    
PDGFRB (PDGFR beta) check    
PDK1 check    
PDK1 Direct check    
PEAK1 check    
PHKG1 check    
PHKG2 check    
PI4K2A (PI4K2 alpha)   check  
PI4K2B (PI4K2 beta)   check  
PI4KA   check  
PI4KB (PI4K beta)   check  
PIK3C2A (PI3K-C2 alpha)   check  
PIK3C2B (PI3K-C2 beta)   check  
PIK3C2G (PI3K-C2 gamma)   check  
PIK3C3 (hVPS34)   check  
PIK3CA E542K/PIK3R1 (p110 alpha E542K/p85 alpha)   check  
PIK3CA E545K/PIK3R1 (p110 alpha E454K/p85 alpha)   check  
PIK3CA/PIK3R1 (p110 alpha/p85 alpha)   check  
PIK3CA/PIK3R3 (p110 alpha /p55 gamma)   check  
PIK3CB/PIK3R1 (p110 beta/p95 alpha)   check  
PIK3CB/PIK3R2 (p110 alpha/p85 beta)   check  
PIK3CD/PIK3R1 (p110 delta/p85 alpha)   check  
PIK3CG (p110 gamma)   check  
PIM1 check    
PIM2 check    
PIP4K2A   check  
PIP5K1A   check  
PIP5K1B   check  
PIP5K1C   check  
PKN1 (PRK1) check    
PKN2     check
PLK1 check    
PLK2 check    
PLK3 check    
PLK4     check
PKMYT1     check
PRKACA (PKA) check    
PRKACB (PRKAC beta)     check
PRKACG (PRKAC gamma)     check
PRKCA (PKC alpha) check    
PRKCB1 (PKC beta I) check    
PRKCB2 (PKC beta II) check    
PRKCD (PKC delta) check    
PRKCE (PKC epsilon) check    
PRKCG (PKC gamma) check    
PRKCH (PKC eta) check    
PRKCI (PKC iota) check    
PRKCN (PKD3) check    
PRKCQ (PKC theta) check    
PRKCZ (PKC zeta) check    
PRKD1 (PKC mu) check    
PRKD2 (PKD2) check    
PRKG1 check    
PRKG2 (PKG2) check    
PRKX check    
PTK2 (FAK) check    
PTK2B (FAK2) check    
PTK6 (Brk) check    
RAF1 (cRAF) Y340D Y341D check   check
RET check    
RET A883F check    
RET G691S     check
RET M918T     check
RET S891A check    
RET V804E check    
RET V804L check    
RET V804M     check
RET Y791F check    
RIPK2     check
RIPK3     check
ROCK1 check    
ROCK2 check    
ROS1 check    
RPS6KA1 (RSK1) check    
RPS6KA2 (RSK3) check    
RPS6KA3 (RSK2) check    
RPS6KA4 (MSK2) check    
RPS6KA5 (MSK1) check    
RPS6KA6 (RSK4) check    
RPS6KB1 (p70S6K) check    
RPS6KB2 (p70S6Kb) check    
SBK1 check    
SGK (SGK1) check    
SGK2 check    
SGKL (SGK3) check    
SIK1     check
SIK3     check
SLK     check
SNF1LK2 check    
SPHK1   check  
SPHK2   check  
SRC check    
SRC N1 check    
SRMS (Srm) check    
SRPK1 check    
SRPK2 check    
STK16 (PKL12)     check
STK17A (DRAK1)     check
STK17B (DRAK2)     check
STK22B (TSSK2) check    
STK22D (TSSK1) check    
STK23 (MSSK1) check    
STK24 (MST3) check    
STK25 (YSK1) check    
STK3 (MST2 ) check    
STK32B (YANK2)     check
STK32C (YANK3)     check
STK33     check
STK38 (NDR)     check
STK38L (NDR2)     check
STK39 (STLK3)     check
STK4 (MST1) check    
SYK check    
TAOK1     check
TAOK2 (TAO1) check    
TAOK3 (JIK)     check
TBK1 check    
TEC     check
TEK (TIE2) check    
TEK (TIE2) R849W     check
TEK (TIE2) Y1108F     check
TEK (TIE2) Y897S check    
TESK1     check
TESK2     check
TGFBR1 (ALK5)     check
TGFBR2     check
TLK1     check
TLK2     check
TNIK     check
TNK1 check    
TNK2 (ACK)     check
TTK     check
TXK check    
TYK2 check    
TYRO3 (RSE) check    
ULK1     check
ULK2     check
ULK3     check
VRK2     check
WEE1     check
WNK1     check
WNK2     check
WNK3     check
YES1 check    
ZAK     check
ZAP70 check    

Kinase biology tools

With the broadest collections of assays, high-throughput screening and profiling services, and access to customized assays and tools designed to meet your specifications, your lab can choose the right kinase biology tools and services for your exact stage of research.