The SelectScreen Library Screening Service utilizes Thermo Fisher Scientific's broad portfolio of biochemical and cell based assays to meet the demands of your current library screening projects. With fewer resources available in-house, bottlenecks arise when the capacity to complete target screens is limited. When project timelines cannot wait, Thermo Fisher Scientific has the capacity and expertise to maximize your library screening efforts.

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The SelectScreen Library Screening Service allows you to send your in-house assay or choose from hundreds of validated assays from Thermo Fisher Scientific for key target classes including kinases, nuclear receptors, GPCRs, P450s and ion channels including hERG. We can perform validation and screening of client-provided assays that do not utilize our technologies, or build a custom assay to fit your specific screening needs.

This service offers all of the following:

  • High quality data – quality controls on every plate
  • Competitive pricing
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Flexibility to accommodate any assay technology – biochemical or cellular

To help expand your selection of compounds for screening, Thermo Fisher Scientific can also provide access to two purchased libraries for use in our services.

  • Enzo Life Sciences, International Inc - FDA Approved Drug Library
  • Enamine LLC - Drug Like Diversity Library

Rapid Results

Thermo Fisher Scientific fully automated and flexible screening service is designed to meet your specific project goals and timelines. By utilizing one of our hundreds of assays, you can quickly bypass the assay development phase and complete your project even more quickly (Table 1).

Following the initial screen, our service can quickly perform hit confirmation, follow-up 10-point dose response studies, secondary screening and/or selectivity profiling. You may also purchase any of the Life Technologies assay reagents for any in-house downstream work that may be required. If off-the-shelf assays do not meet your needs, we can develop a custom screening assay according to your specifications.

Assay name Technology Kinases GPCRs Nuclear receptors Ion channels Metabolism & safety
Biochemical assays
LanthaScreen™ TR-FRET



Adapta™ TR-FRET

Vivid™ CYP450 FI        

Predictor™ FP      

Cell-based assays
GeneBLAzer™ FRET Reporter  

Tango™ Beta-arrestin with FRET Reporter  

CellSensor™ FRET Reporter




Second messenger



FluxOR™           Potassium ion channel assay      

Table 1: Technologies and assays available for use in the SelectScreen Library Screening Service for various target classes.

Robust Automation

Dedicated automation platforms for library screening allow the SelectScreen Library Screening Service to accommodate screening projects ranging from libraries of 1,000 to 1,000,000 compounds. Our average library screening Z’-factor is >0.7 and is dependent on the assay technology employed. The SelectScreen process-driven service is built to meet industry expectations of high quality data from compound receipt through screening, data analysis and report generation. To enable this process, we have incorporated a centralized compound management system with the same high quality standards the pharmaceutical and biotech industry have come to expect.

Process Driven

Informatics is a critical component driving all SelectScreen processes. Thermo Fisher Scientific has a fully integrated process workflow. Tracking of compounds throughout the entire screening process is easily traceable in our integrated system. Analysis of data is achieved using industry standard data analysis software with in-house informatics tools designed for easy upload into your internal database.

Proven Performance

The most important outcome of any screening project is the rapid delivery of highly reliable data. We have experience in screening both biochemical and cellular library screening projects for various target classes (Figure 1 and Figure 2).  We also have the technical expertise to identify and troubleshoot issues which might otherwise cause delays in receipt of critical data. Let us put our expertise to work on your next screening project.

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Figure 1. Kinase-focused library screen using LanthaScreen TR-FRET Assay Technology. A focused library screen was performed for a Thermo Fisher Scientific customer utilizing the SelectScreen Library Screening Service. The customer provided Thermo Fisher Scientific with a focused library biased toward kinases. The LanthaScreen TR-FRET assay was the technology employed in this particular study.  Over 80,000 wells were screened with a Z'-value of >0.7.


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Figure 2. Follow-up dose-response curve from a cellular library screen using a calcium flux second messenger assay.  The data above are an example of a typical follow-up dose-response determination using a GeneBLAzer™ OPRK1-Gqo5-NFAT-bla CHO-K1 cell line stimulated with OPRK1 specific agonist U50488 in a second messenger calcium flux assay utilizing Fluo-4 NW reagent. The EC50 value from the calcium flux second messenger assay correlates with those obtained in the GeneBLAzer™ reporter gene (4.2 nM) and Tango™ beta-arrestin (1.5 nM) OPRK1 cell lines.

Personalized Support

From project beginning to end, you can rely on our Drug Discovery Services project management team to provide frequent project communication via a single point of contact.

Watch this two-minute video to see how our project managers and technical specialists create an exceptional experience for our customers.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.