Instrument and Equipment service plans

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Unity Lab Services offers specialized, end-to-end analytical instrument and laboratory equipment services that enable scientists to maximize operational productivity through a network of world-class service and support personnel.


Our service plans for instruments and equipment are designed to help improve your productivity, increase uptime, maintain peak performance, and reduce your total cost of ownership. 

Service plan features

All service plans for Thermo Scientific analytical instruments and laboratory equipment include preventive maintenance, enhanced technical support, and fast on-site repair response times.


Proactive, regular preventive maintenance helps to increase the life of your instrument, maximizes uptime, and helps maintain your instrument’s peak performance. Unlimited, enhanced technical support and digital remote support tools offer faster troubleshooting, diagnosis, and remote resolution. Priority, on-site repair provides faster response times to meet your needs. On average, our service plan customers get a response two times faster compared to those without a plan.


*Internal records suggest that proactive, annual preventive maintenance can decrease instrument downtime by as much as 30% when compared to ad hoc time and materials repair visits.

Analytical instrument service plans

Every new instrument purchase comes with a 1- to 3-year factory warranty. Extended coverage service plans are also available at the time of instrument purchase.


We offer service plans for mass spectrometry, chromatography, trace elemental, molecular spectroscopy, sample preparation, and discrete industrial analyzer instruments. To get you up and running faster, five options are available to balance your response needs, productivity, and uptime requirements.


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Lab equipment service plans

With one of our service plans, you’ll get top-quality product performance and maximum uptime.


Service plans are available for biosafety cabinets, centrifuges, cold storage, CO2 incubators, environmental chambers, water purification systems, and other laboratory equipment.


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Resources and tools for service plans

Learn more about our instrument and equipment service plans or use our analytical instrument selection tool to choose the right service plan for your needs.