RNase-free Buffers are critical for RNA Work

Not only can solutions prepared in a laboratory become contaminated with RNases, but some commercially prepared solutions may be contaminated as well.

Ambion offers a wide selection of buffers, as well as water, each certified RNase-free.

  • Are RNases Lurking in your Gel Box?

Any piece of equipment that is shared among multiple researchers can easily become contaminated with RNases.

RNaseZap® can be used to immediatey remove RNases from any surfaces including gel boxes. Simply wipe down the surface to be treated with a wipe and rinse with RNase-free water to prevent RNase contamination from ruining your experiments.

  • Inhibit RNases in your reactions.

RNase inhibitors are typically used to protect RNA during enzymatic reactions.

SUPERase•In is a superior RNase inhibitor to the commonly used ribonuclease inhibitor protein(RI) because it inhibits more RNases under more reaction conditions, and it does not require DTT to function.

Be careful about introducing objects contaminated with RNases from your fingers (i.e. "fingerases") into an RNase-free zone. Objects such as pens, calculators, and electronic organizers should be kept out of your RNase-free zone if possible.