One resource for all your protein electrophoresis and western blotting support needs. Navigate through the support categories below to obtain relevant technical information, view tips & tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday problems.

Obtain answers to your questions about one-dimensional (1D) protein gel electrophoresis using our precast gel systems. Get help with setting up your experiment and find tips and tricks to obtain optimal resolution of your protein. 


Browse through our pages for support resources, technical tips, and troubleshooting help related to our specialized protein gels, including Tricine gels, Zymogram gels, NativePAGE™ gels, and EPAGE™ gels. 


Find valuable support information and technical resources on protein stains, including Coomassie™ dye protein gel stains, silver protein gel stains, fluorescent protein gel stains, and other specialized protein gel stains.

View our tips and troubleshooting suggestions as well as useful resources for your western blotting experiments from choosing the right transfer system to tweaking conditions to obtain optimal transfer of your protein. 

Find useful resources and expert advice about isoelectric focusing (IEF) and two-dimensional (2D) protein gel electrophoresis using our IEF gels, ZOOM™ IEF Fractionator System, and ZOOM™ IPG Runner System. Get help with optimizing your experiments to obtain reproducible focusing of your proteins.

Access tips and help for performing your protein gel electrophoresis experiments, ranging from choosing the right electrophoresis chamber to picking the right power supply and accessories to match your electrophoresis chamber.

Get useful technical information including tips and troubleshooting advice for our prestained and unstained protein standards, IEF and native protein markers, and other specialty protein ladders.

Obtain expert advice for performing western blot detection using the different systems and detection technologies we offer from choosing the right detection technique (chemiluminescent, fluorometric, or colorimetric) to match your experimental requirements and the instrument you have, to help with analysis of your results.

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