3500 and consumables

Fast, simple, and trusted workflow for your Sanger sequencing applications

Life Technologies’ simple and fast Sanger sequencing workflow can be completed in less than one workday, from sample to answer. We provide complete workflow solutions with an instrument that uses our gold-standard technology, reagents, consumables, analysis software, and world-class technical support to address the ongoing progression of scientific questions, leading to answers and solutions.

Learn about the Sanger method for DNA sequencing, Sanger sequencing chemistries, and capillary electrophoresis technology.

Save time with the Primer Designer™ Tool by selecting from >300,000 primer pairs targeting the human exome.

Discover primary and secondary data analysis tools and software solutions for interpreting Sanger sequencing results.

Isolate DNA

Isolation of DNA from samples of interest, a critical first step for any Sanger sequencing application.

Perform PCR

Amplify the DNA region of interest: select from predesigned primer pairs or design your own.

Generate products

Generate sequencing products by cycle sequencing; purify reactions to remove fluorescent ddNTP.

Run sequence

The products of the sequencing reaction are injected into capillaries filled with polymer to perform capillary electrophoresis.

Analyze data

Translate raw data into corresponding electropherograms using downstream software applications.


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