ArcturusXT LCM System - Microgenomics within Reach
 Applied Biosystems ArcturusXT™ Laser Capture Microdissection System

Application notes

 Uncovering tumor heterogeneity in FFPE samples by LCM and NGS
 Gene expression profiling of a single cell using laser capture microdissection and OpenArray technology
 Fungal DNA sequencing from laser capture microdissection samples
 ArcturusXTâ„¢ Microdissection Systems—Optimized Protocol for Laser Microdissection of Living In Vitro Cells
 Microdissection to Microarrays—A Complete Solution for Gene Expression Profiling of Precious Tissue Samples
 Isolation of Living In Vitro Cells Using the Applied Biosystems ArcturusXTâ„¢ Microdissection Instrument Petri Dish Protocol
 From Postmortem Homogeneous Cells to Microarray Analysis: An Optimized Protocol

Reagent protocols

 Arcturus HistoGene Frozen Section Staining Kit
 Arcturus HistoGene LCM Immunofluorescence Staining Kit
 Arcturus PicoPure DNA Extraction Kit
 Arcturus PicoPure RNA Isolation Kit Product Bulletin
 Arcturus Live Cell Solutions
 Arcturus Paradise PLUS Whole Transcript RT Reagent System
 Arcturus Turbo Labeling™ Kits