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Custom Services

Custom Oligos, Primers, Probes, and Genes

We provide a complete range of custom-synthesized oligonucleotide primers, probes, and genes, all built to your specifications. With options suitable for PCR, cloning, hybridization, real-time PCR assays, protein expression, and more. Our easy-to-use online ordering tools and convenient delivery times keep your research moving. Invitrogen™, Applied Biosystems™, TaqMan®, GeneArt™ synthesis services offer the quality, reliability, and convenience you expect.

Custom Oligo Modification Services

Do you need to order a DNA or RNA oligo with a special modification but can’t find it on our Custom Oligo pages? Then order them here at Custom Oligo Services.

Assay Development and Labeling Services

All the components necessary to develop the most appropriate assay for your research or discovery target of interest are available from us with our custom solutions. Additionally, our dedicated project managers will guide your project through every step of the process, and constantly keep you informed of our progress. Let us take the hassle out of your hands with a custom solution for you.