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Automate demanding research projects in laboratories that demand flexibility, efficient use of space, and seamless integration of lab peripherals.

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Automate your scientific workflow easily with the Thermo Scientific Spinnaker robot. This 4-axis SCARA-type robot is well suited for a wide variety of research areas including synthetic biology, drug discovery, and biotechnology. With integrated vision, the Spinnaker microplate mover provides self-correcting precision as well as powerful sample tracking and inventory management.

Combine the superior performance of industrial robotics with the application-driven benefits of a traditional Thermo Scientific laboratory robot. The robot's advanced servo technology enables smooth motion without vibration even at full speed, optimizing efficiency and throughput.

Momentum Laboratory Automation Workflow Software

Momentum keeps revolutionizing your laboratory's workflow. Its unique design is highly adaptive to complex real-time conditions. The easy-to-use visual environment allows for advanced decision-making, as well as for monitoring multiple workflows and integrating offline processes.

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Spinnaker robot with integrated vision

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