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Envisioning the Lab of the Future: Integrated Transplant Diagnostics Software

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Recent advancements in transplantation have made HLA laboratory software more crucial than ever to the management, reporting, and analysis of data—the critical data that transplant teams rely on to provide patient care.

Imagine if your software could support every step of the transplant diagnostics process? With the HistoTrac™ Software as part of our portfolio, we’re developing the lab of the future. We believe the functionality of a centralized software system with a streamlined interface could change the way transplant centers report on and share data for tests like HLA typing with next-generation sequencing, donor-specific antibody detection with single-antigen panels, and advanced analytics like epitope analysis and virtual crossmatching.

Streamline Data Access With Our HistoTrac Software 

The HistoTrac software is a widely used tool in transplant laboratories, organ procurement organizations and blood centers for donor and patient management. By adding the software to its transplant diagnostics portfolio, Thermo Fisher can better partner with these organizations by streamlining the way in which they manage and access data to support clinical decision-making, ultimately leading to better transplant patient outcomes.

HLA Analysis Software That Increases Testing Efficiency

Our portfolio of software applications aid in the analysis and evaluation of data generated with our MICA, KIR, HLA typing, and Antibody detection tests. Assisting with the assignment of typing and antibody detection results, our software further increases testing efficiency.

Need analysis results you can trust? Choose the solution that best fits your lab.