Invitrogen FlexCut TALEN mRNA pairs provide unrestricted access to edit any locus in the genome and provide the efficiency and specificity needed for challenging genome editing experiments. Learn more about TALENs.

In the fields below, enter your 18 bp DNA target sequences (do not include the spacer sequence) for both your forward and reverse TALEN, give your TALEN pair a name, and add to cart. If you require design assistance to generate TALEN pairs for your gene of interest, visit the TrueDesign Genome Editor online tool.

Each in vitro transcription reaction will yield >20 µg of capped mRNA, provided at a final concentration of > 500 ng/µL in 0.1 mM EDTA pH 8.0 in nuclease-free water. The certificate of analysis accompanying the product will specify the µg amount of mRNA per vial.

If you are interested in TALEN mRNA delivery in a 96 well plate or higher yields, please contact us at