We believe we have a responsibility to continually seek new ways to facilitate and accelerate discovery for our customers and to be an environmentally responsible business.

Our customers use our advanced technologies and services to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. We believe that we are partners with them in the ongoing effort to reduce our collective environmental footprint. We are constantly searching for ways to provide our customers with product alternatives that are less hazardous, are more energy-efficient, create less waste or use sustainable packaging and shipping materials.

Not only do we provide innovative solutions that help our customers meet their own environmental sustainability goals, we’re also reducing our own impact on the environment. By engaging our colleagues and leveraging our Practical Process Improvement (PPI) Business System, we empower them to come up with solutions to help reduce energy and water usage, waste and emissions.

2019 impact at a glance



Reduction in CO2 Emissions*



Sites Working Towards Zero Waste



Greener Product Categories


Up 3%

Reduction in Water usage*

*Data normalized by annual revenue