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We can help you navigate the challenging journey from diagnostic assay development and discovery to commercialization. Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide support with diagnostic tests and kit development. Our resources enable you compete and succeed in bringing your molecular, point-of-care, immunodiagnostic, or companion diagnostic (CDx) to market.

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides the industry’s widest breadth of high-quality and cost-effective solutions. Discover the advantage of having our company’s unrivaled resources and expertise alongside you at every step. Connect with innovative tools and support across your entire workflow. Leverage our unique ability to scale solutions to your needs as your needs for diagnostic test development services grow.

Innovative solutions for molecular diagnostics and immunodiagnostics developers

Successful diagnostic kit and diagnostic assay development requires deploying innovative and user-friendly instruments and technologies. Robust new monitoring techniques can overcome the limitations of outdated approaches. Having the most sophisticated tools on hand to conduct tests and experiments time and time again, exactly as planned, means consistent and reliable results and faster time to market.

View articles and webinars to stay informed on the latest solutions and technologies available for molecular and immunodiagnostic development.

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