Supporting your success in the development of new diagnostics


Your work to develop innovative diagnostics that deliver answers as quickly and precisely as possible can lead to greatly improved health outcomes. Effective tests empower caregivers with the ability to assess risk and identify disease early, monitor the efficacy of treatments, and provide reliable prognoses. We have listened to your feedback, and we know you face myriad challenges on the journey from discovery to commercialization.

Looking at your needs our capabilities to help you navigate these challenges are unmatched. When you partner with Thermo Fisher Scientific to help enable development of new diagnostic, your success is our wholehearted purpose. Take advantage of the industry’s widest breadth of high-quality and cost-effective solutions; connect with innovative tools and support across your entire workflow; leverage our unique ability to scale solutions to your needs as you grow; and discover the advantage of having our company’s unrivaled resources and expertise alongside you at every step, helping you compete and succeed in bringing your diagnostic solutions to market.


The importance of diagnostics


Catching disease early, preventing transmission, monitoring treatment, and enabling accurate prognoses—these are the essential aims of diagnostics. To effectively carry out this life-saving and life-transforming work is to face the daily battle against disease head on.

Winning that battle demands tenacity, ingenuity, insight, and a commitment to improve the lives of patients. Providing quality patient care through the diagnostics you develop requires deploying innovative and user-centered instruments and technologies, as well as the latest advances in testing kit technology and production. It means delivering robust new monitoring techniques that overcome the limitations of outdated approaches and can help limit the spread of disease on a global scale. Diagnostics that serve patients require having the most sophisticated tools at hand to conduct tests and experiments time and time again, exactly as planned, to get the most consistent and reliable results possible.

From HLA typing products that monitor the effectiveness of transplants to metabolic tests that help screen for diabetes, tumor detection technologies, and leading-edge diagnostics making a global impact at the forefront of the fight against the COVID-19 global pandemic—diagnostic solutions are human solutions. They help support healthier lives and a safer world.

Our solutions for molecular and immunodiagnostics


Molecular diagnostics

Take no chances in the effort to achieve your goals in molecular diagnostics. Partner with us for the quality, security of supply, customization, and expertise you can expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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The licensing and commercial supply immunodiagnostics (IDx) team supports our partners from the initial evaluation of our components, to the use of the chosen components in manufacturing the partner's product.

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