Assay development requires juggling costs, assay development time, and performance. This process often requires a focus on certain aspects while sacrificing others. This balancing act can result in compromised assay quality that fails to fully maximize proprietary technology or delays market adoption, assay development doesn’t have to be this way.

One of the best ways to meet your goals is to partner with an experienced supplier. By choosing us, you gain an ally with a dedicated partnering business that is always available for your projects. We have one of the largest breadth and depth of technologies for immunodiagnostic development, with integrated solutions that you can leverage. Our customized solutions enable you to get the best possible assay, and our experienced teams can help troubleshoot when you hit snags in development or post-launch. By partnering early in the development process, we can help you save time and produce the most optimal assay.

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Anthony Chiulli

Immunodiagnotics webinar:
Streamline your path from immunodiagnostic development to commercialization

Anthony Chiulli, Director, Global OEM & Licensing, Protein & Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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