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Helping accelerate diagnostic development from discovery to commercialization

From small-scale laboratories to leading immunodiagnostics companies, our team of technical specialists has extensive and relevant experience collaborating with researchers in this area and is familiar with the problems you may face.

Partnering with us provides access to our experienced Global OEM and Licensing team that will help develop and commercialize your immunodiagnostic assay. With over 5,000 patents and licenses in immunodiagnostic products, our OEM business development manager will assist in determining the necessary licenses for commercialization.

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Key product categories for immunodiagnostic workflows


We offer an extensive line of high-quality buffers and detergents designed for use in a variety of immunoassay procedures. Our detergents undergo extensive processing to help minimize levels of oxidants and carbonyls as well as to help minimize nonspecific binding in the immunoassay, improving assay sensitivity and dynamic range while minimizing false positives.

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Our wide selection of high-quality substrates for use as detection reagents in immunoassays includes chemiluminescent, colorimetric, and chemifluorescent substrates. Substrate choice depends on the platform and sensitivity requirements of the assay.

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What licensing and commercial supply means for you


Immunodiagnostics webinar:

Anthony Chiulli

Streamline your path from immunodiagnostic development to commercialization

Anthony Chiulli, Director, Global OEM & Licensing, Protein & Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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