IDC Surfactant-free Latex Beads

We offer a wide selection of UltraClean surfactant-free latex microspheres—also referred to as latex beads—for research and commercial applications. High activity, superactive, and specialty latexes are available as standard products, or we can tailor particles to your specifications.

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Latex beads are colloidal particles typically made of polystyrene. They can be made in different sizes and surface functionalities. Check out the links below for background information on the properties of polystyrene beads and how to select the right microsphere for your research.

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High-activity latex beads

These UltraClean latex beads are hydrophobic and surfactant-free. They are stabilized against aggregation by covalently linked charge groups (sulfate, carboxyl, amidine) and have ~95% of their surface available for passive adsorption of proteins. Your proteins won’t compete with surfactants for adsorption!

Super active latex beads

These UltraClean latex beads are hydrophilic and contain a very high density of functional groups for covalent coupling of proteins to the particles. The superactive layer is a three-dimensional layer which increases the colloid stability of the particles and provides a 'soft landing' for the proteins. There is less distortion of the protein structure than if it were physically adsorbed to a rigid surface.

Specialty latexes

A variety of specialty latexes, including NIST-traceable microspheres are also available.

Product listing and custom services

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If we don't have a catalog product that fits your requirements, have our technical experts help design a custom bead. We can produce a wide range of unstained, colored, or fluorescently stained latex beads. Visit Custom Latex Bead Services for more details and contact information.