We provide a broad selection of particles-based products! Our Qdot probes set the standard: photostable, bright, and multicolor-via-single-source fluorescence. You can also choose from our widest selection of fluorescent, colored or white, surfactant-free, ultraclean microspheres and nanospheres that set the bar for highest performance, quality and precision. We also provide custom services and can build particles to your color, surface and size specifications.


Qdot probes

IDC surfactant-free latex microspheres

IDC Surfactant-free Latex Microspheres We offer the widest selection of ultraclean, surfactant-free microspheres for research and commercial applications.


Fluorescent microspheres

Microspheres Our fluorescent microspheres are used for a wide range of applications including blood flow, flow cytometer and microscope calibration, in vivo imaging and more.



Dynabeads technology

Dynabeads Dynabeads magnetic beads revolutionized separation methodologies in the 1980s. Today these magnetic beads are used in countless scientific applications and cited in thousands of published articles.