Analyzing cells for basic research, drug discovery or process development requires the right combination of instruments and reagents with the expertise and support of a global leader.  From basic Cell Counting to High Content Screening and Flow Cytometry , we offer these instruments with reagents that are among the most peer-referenced in all of life science research.  Use them to make the discoveries that advance our understanding today and catalyze the research goals of tomorrow.

Automated Cell Counters

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers two high-performance automated cell counters designed to meet the needs of any lab. Choose from simple brightfield counting with the Invitrogen™ Countess™ II Automated Cell Counter or the flexibility and upgradability of fluorescence detection with the Invitrogen™ Countess™ II FL Automated Cell Counter.

High Content Screening Instruments

High-content screening (HCS) or high-content analysis (HCA) requires an instrument designed to extract the maximum information from your sample in a robust and reproducible manner with the speed for high-throughput analysis. The entire Thermo Scientific™ portfolio of HCS instruments helps deliver on those parameters and includes superior illumination, precise image capture, rapid data analysis, and reagent compatibility.

Flow Cytometers

Using a revolutionary technology—acoustic-assisted hydrodynamic focusing—our Invitrogen™ Attune™ flow cytometers are able to deliver a narrow core sample stream and highly uniform laser illumination for accurate cell analysis regardless of sample flow rate.