TaqMan® Assays

Optimized TaqMan® probe and PCR primer sets: TaqMan® Assays are formulated for use right out of the box. Life Technologies scientists have developed the most comprehensive set of real-time PCR assays available for gene expression, microRNA, noncoding RNA, protein analysis, mutation detection, copy number variation, and SNP genotyping. Choose from over 8 million predesigned assays covering 23 species. If we don’t offer a predesigned assay for your target, custom TaqMan® probes and primers can be manufactured for your target sequences.

TaqMan® Master Mixes and Kits

TaqMan® master mixes contain all the reagents, except your DNA or cDNA sample and TaqMan® Assay, for real-time PCR. Specific TaqMan® master mixes are available for gene expression studies, genotyping analysis, pathogen detection, and copy number variation applications. We also offer reagents that are designed for multiple applications. TaqMan® reagents have been designed and validated on all currently available Applied Biosystems® real-time PCR instruments for consistently superior results. They are optimized for use with TaqMan® Assays and provide robust amplification under universal thermal cycling conditions.

Controls for TaqMan® Assay–Based Real-Time PCR

Several controls are available for gene expression and genetic variation experiments and are designed to work with TaqMan® Assays. You can avoid the trial-and-error of selecting controls for most common human, mouse, rat, and other eukaryotic genes with this convenient collection of controls.

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