A real-time PCR solution designed to detect more microorganisms, faster and with higher accuracy

Traditional, non-molecular culturing techniques that are used to detect vaginal microorganisms are often subjective, labor-intensive, and time consuming.  Our real-time PCR-based solution provides higher analytical sensitivity and specificity and offers a wider coverage of commensal and pathogenic microbes.* When compared with other currently available molecular tests, our range of Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays gives you the flexibility and freedom to configure a highly accurate and scalable testing solution that is right for your lab.

Broad detection of microorganisms—wider range of microorganisms targets associated with bacterial vaginosis

Accurate and reproducible results—assays demonstrated to be highly accurate with reproducible performance in numerous tests for analytical sensitivity and specificity on different sample types

Scalable flexible workflow—real-time PCR and our variety of assay formats enable you to process tens to hundreds of samples per day on a single instrument 

Easy to implement—analytical validation services available to accelerate implementation and testing menu expansion


Broad detection of microorganisms

Real-time PCR can detect slow-growing or difficult-to-culture microorganisms, and can be used when traditional methods lead to ambiguous results. Utilizing real-time PCR along with microorganism-specific TaqMan Assays helps enable rapid and accurate detection and categorization of multiple microorganisms involved in vaginal microbiome composition and dynamics. Including many of these TaqMan Assays on a single panel provides detection of the presence of multiple microorganisms and an indication of the overall status of vaginal microbiota. 

TaqMan OpenArray Vaginal Microbiota testing menu



Accurate and reproducible results

Applied Biosystems TaqMan assays for vaginal microorganisms have been extensively tested to meet rigorous performance criteria. Verification data demonstrates that our solution achieves excellent analytical accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity when tested against genomic DNAs (gDNAs) and synthetic controls. To review sample data from a blind test using 34 vaginal swab samples which had been previously characterized for a variety of vaginal microorganisms, download this application note.


Scalable qPCR workflow

The QuantStudio Family of instruments can meet any throughput requirement. For higher throughput laboratories, leverage our OpenArray nanofluidic technology. This technology allows labs to process up to 600 samples per day on a single instrument.  A complete end-to-end solution is available and includes the Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex benchtop automated DNA/RNA extraction instrument, convenient extraction and purification kits, and the OpenArray AccuFill System. Combined, these systems can automate sample prep and liquid handling to enable the processing of hundreds to thousands of samples per day.  

Scalable qPCR Workflow

Whether you already own an instrument or are considering an expansion to your capabilities, your sample processing and throughput requirements can be addressed through the different formats compatible with your instrument (such as TaqMan array cards, 96- or 384-well plates, or single tube assays) with made-to-stock or custom panels. Learn more about how OpenArray technology can be an ideal solution for handling large numbers of samples.

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Launching new molecular services

Testing laboratories are under constant pressure to stay compliant with standards while expanding the number of molecular tests offered. When adopting a new testing method such as our real-time vaginal microbiota and sexual transmitted infection testing solution, we can assist in validating the workflow to help ensure a successful launch.

Our analytical validation (AV) consulting services can speed up the launch process by up to 75% and cut costs by up to half.  Our experienced team will consult with you to develop and optimize your validation workflow, while providing data analysis support and template documentation to fully maximize your instrument and reagent investment.

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