Real-time PCR qualified solution for vaginal microbiota investigations

Urogenital infections, including bacterial vaginosis, urinary tract infections, and vaginitis, afflict over 1 billion women each year. Our qualified solution for vaginal microbiota investigations combines the sensitivity and specificity of Applied Biosystems TaqMan real-time PCR assays with the flexibility and scalability of the QuantStudio family of real-time PCR systems. Choose the content and format that you require to implement this flexible, scalable, and low-cost real-time PCR testing solution in your laboratory.

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Features of this solution

  • Widest range of both commensal and pathogenic microbes compared to other currently available molecular tests
  • Qualified content including positive controls, validated user guide, and analytical validation
  • Higher specificity, accuracy, and precision compared to traditional culture and microscopy methods
  • Flexible formats—choose from four assay formats, including preloaded Applied Biosystems OpenArray plates
  • Lowest cost per sample, due in part to the low reagent costs of OpenArray nanofluidic technology compared to other commercially available solutions

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On-demand webinar:
Vaginal Microbiota Investigations: Increasing Insight, Reducing Cost

  • Learn about the role of both pathogenic and commensal microbiota involved in vaginal infections
  • Learn about our real-time PCR solutions for detecting vaginal microbiota from a single sample quickly and cost effectively
  • Learn about how this solution can be implemented in your laboratory with ease

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What’s included as part of this qualified solution?

Qualified TaqMan Assays 

OpenArray format (flexible panel) 

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TaqMan OpenArray Vaginal Microbiota Comprehensive Panel 

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Single-tube assays 

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Controls and master mixes

Amplification control  

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Extraction control 

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TaqMan OpenArray Master Mix  

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Data and support

Application note 

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Workflow application guide 

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Compliance and training products/services 

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The role of real-time PCR in vaginal microbiota investigations

Traditional culture-based research methods for investigations into microbiota related to bacterial vaginosis can lack sensitivity and specificity, and can be subjective and inaccurate.

Quantitative PCR (qPCR) can detect slow-growing, difficult-to-cultivate, or uncultivable microorganisms, and can be used when traditional microbiological techniques are inadequate, ambiguous, time-consuming, difficult, or costly. Real-time PCR techniques provide better categorization and detection of these microorganisms. 

This flexible, scalable, and low-cost real-time PCR testing solution for vaginal microbiota offers researchers a low-cost solution for vaginal and urogenital microbiota investigations.

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