AlleleTyper™ Software is a fast and easy tool that is used to determine the haplotypes of your samples. Once a translation table is set up for a study of interest, such as CYP2D6, AlleleTyper™ Software will analyze your TaqMan® Genotyper and CopyCaller® data in just a few quick steps. AlleleTyper™ Software interprets your real-time PCR analysis data and determines the star-allele results for your study based on your specifications.

AlleleTyper™ Software features:

  • User-friendly, four-step analysis
  • Easy accessibility via web log-in 
  • Simultaneous interpretation of copy number and SNP information
  • Customizable reports

Open AlleleTyper™ Software

AlleleTyper™ translator templates
Monoallelic tables and biallelic translator templates are provided for a few commonly researched genes including CYP2D6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19.  These are provided as a starting point,and will likely need to be edited for specific studies.  Refer to the AlleleTyper™ user guide for instructions on editing and using these types of files.

Download the translator templates >

Example Data Files
AlleleTyper™ interprets data that has been exported from the TaqMan® Genotyper™ and CopyCaller® Software.   Examples of this data can be downloaded below.  These data files can be used with the provided translator templates (see above section) to generate example results in AlleleTyper™ and helps to demonstrate the workflow.  Refer to the AlleleTyper™ User Guide for assistance.

Download the example data files >

Note: AlleleTyper™ Software requires an internet connection and is only accessible through a compatible web browser. Google Chrome is recommended for optimal performance