Volume EM for cryo and resin-embedded samples

The Thermo Scientific Hydra Bio Plasma-FIB explores tissues to proteins through volume electron microscopy both at cryogenic and room temperatures and cellular cryo-tomography. Great results start with sample preparation, so choose from four ion species (argon, nitrogen, oxygen, and xenon) that are compatible with all commonly used sample-embedding media and preparation protocols like high-pressure tissue freezing or critical point drying to achieve the ultimate image. Hydra Bio Plasma-FIB addresses multiple workflows including high-resolution serial PFIB imaging, large area serial PFIB imaging, array tomography, correlative light and electron microscopy, and high-throughput lamella preparation for cryo-tomography.

Instrument features

PFIB for cryo and resin-embedded samples

Hydra Bio Plasma-FIB is versatile for volume electron microscopy and cellular cryo-tomography lamella preparation.

A versatile solution for multiple sample types

Explore tissues to proteins with the Hydra Bio PFIB with your sample in native condition (cryo) or resin-embedded.

One microscope, multiple workflows

Hydra Bio Plasma-FIB supports multiple workflows with specific software and accessories to complete your experiments.

Plasma-FIB resources

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Cryo-FIB for your lab

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Explore volume electron microscopy

Volume EM is a group of techniques that reveals the 3D ultrastructure of cells and tissues at micron to millimeter volume scales, at nanometer-level resolutions.