When selecting an EM product, there are many elements to consider. System configuration, software applications, and services selected must all work together to achieve the groundbreaking data you require. The physical location and environment surrounding your system are fundamental to achieving your desired outcomes. Even slight variations can mean the difference of staying within, or straying from, ever-tightening system specifications.

In a TEM, the vertical vibration of the specimen holder will cause focus changes, resulting in a loss of resolution. In STEM images, horizontal disturbances will cause image flags, which can smear the edges and directly affect resolution. Any temperature drift outside the system specifications may cause loss of data. For cryo-TEM labs, humidity control is also critical.

With the Thermo Scientific Site Preparation Service portfolio, you will gain a competitive advantage by optimizing your system’s surroundings. Whether you are debating the placement of one specific system in your lab or developing a brand-new facility from the ground up, our environmental engineering experts will provide analysis and recommendations to minimize environmental interference and maximize system performance.

The following are standard with all instruments and included with enhanced offerings:

  • Pre-installation manual and review
  • Visual inspection
  • 1 measurement snapshot
  • Results analysis and report
Site preparation service
Enhanced OfferingsExisting Facility PackageDesign & Build Support Package
Site MeasurementsUp to (3) 24-hr monitoring surveysUp to (3) 24-hr monitoring surveys
Design Support & Review 
Construction Support 
Environmental Expert Support
Assistance with 3rd Party Contractors
Corrective Action Plan 
Custom CAD Drawing

Site measurement parameters

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Floor vibrations
  • Acoustics
  • Temperature measurement
  • Humidity logging

CAD drawings

  • Room drawings
  • Modular system layout
  • Safety requirements
  • Working area requirements
  • DWG 2D and 3D plus 2D PDF file

Site preparation service portfolio

Site preparation for existing facility

Troubleshoot and resolve site condition disruptions caused by environmental factors. Includes:

  • Visual inspection
  • Assessment of potentially disruptive influences (vibration, EMI, or temperature/humidity)
  • Assessment report
  • Corrective action plan to address environmental issues 
  • CAD drawing

Site preparation for new facility

Provides intensive support for placement of Thermo Scientific products, whether in a newly built lab or as part of ground-up facility construction. Includes:

  • Site evaluation 
  • Expert consultation support prior to the design and drafting process
  • Review of architectural drawings and systems schematics
  • Up to three measurements captured at green field, interim, and final evaluation stages 
  • Results and recommendations report
  • CAD drawing

Site survey

Includes expert recommendations and advice on the placement and installation of Thermo Scientific equipment in an existing facility. Includes: 

  • Assessment of potentially disruptive influences (vibration, EMI, or temperature/humidity)
  • Measurement report
  • Site surveys at the time of sale and prior to the installation of any new Thermo Scientific system

Supplemental site measurement

Widen the scope of your measurements or increase measurement length to achieve the valuable environmental data you need. Select a snapshot or monitoring measurement of vibration, sound pressure, and EMI, as well as temperature and humidity, and receive a report with results. Can be purchased as:

  • An additional one-time “snapshot” to supplement an environmental service
  • An upgrade from the free-of-charge pre-sales or pre-install snapshot to a monitoring service performed in one-day or one-week blocks
  • Additional monitoring services

Site preparation CAD drawing

Capture installation and configuration requirements in one comprehensive document. Includes customized CAD drawing that reflects system installation requirements, safety regulations, and required working areas to minimize performance interruption and maximize system performance and uptime.


Interview with Zahid Chishty, Senior Engineer. Zahid presents a brief overview of what you can expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Site Preparation Service.

Interview with Zahid Chishty, Senior Engineer. Zahid presents a brief overview of what you can expect from Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Site Preparation Service.

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