The power of discovery is in the design


Large-scale genotyping projects require advanced scientific design approaches for cost-effective, high-coverage single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping arrays to power discoveries.

Take advantage of the latest advances in array design:

  • Gain genomic coverage with powerful imputation-driven design
  • Customize easily with optimized content modules
  • No beads. No SNPs dropped

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Introducing Axiom Transplant Genotyping Array: facilitating collaboration and empowering meta-analyses
Axiom Transplant Genotyping Array, a genome-wide SNP array tailored to transplant researchers and immunologists, allows for deeper capture of variants across HLA, KIR, pharmacogenomic, and metabolic loci related to transplant outcomes. Designed with the International Genetics & Translational Research in Transplantation Network (iGeneTRAiN), a network established to improve transplant success through use of genetic studies and patient-specific recommended therapeutics, Axiom Transplant Genotyping Array enables powerful and cost-effective, large-scale genotyping of transplant-related studies.

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UK Biobank Axiom Array
Designed for hypothesis-free SNP genotyping, the UK Biobank has created a large-scale prospective cohort of 500,000 participants to study the interactions of genes, lifestyle, and environment with the goal of prolonging health through the improvement of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of life-threatening diseases. The study promises to transform medical care by understanding how risk factors act together to cause disease.
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Axiom Biobank Genotyping Arrays

Biobank genotyping arrays offer comprehensive coverage of biologically relevant content categories.

Population optimization

Biobank genome-wide association study (GWAS) modules can be customized to give you unmatched coverage for any 1,000 Genomes population. Begin your design today.

Human genotyping community

Leading researchers around the world share strategies for SNP genotyping large cohorts.