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Product offerings

We offer products to help you achieve PCR success for virtually any application. With trusted Applied Biosystems thermal cyclers and real-time PCR systems, industry-leading Invitrogen SuperScript and Platinum Taq enzymes, and extensive offering of reliable Applied Biosystems TaqMan Assays, you’ll find everything you need to help you achieve PCR success.


The School of Molecular Biology is here for you, whether you want to review the basics, gain more in-depth knowledge, or discover our latest research tools. This is an educational hub for molecular biology, with rich and reliable technical content designed for new and experienced molecular biologists alike. Tap into our free educational resources whenever you need them to help take your research to the next level!

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In our webinar series, we cover molecular biology topics such as reverse transcription, PCR and cloning for new and experienced researchers alike. These learning materials are designed for a deeper understanding of the underlying techniques and of our latest innovative tools for your experiments. Please register for our upcoming webinars or listen to previous presentations for free.

Genetic analysis techniques, including sequencing, NGS, and quantitative and digital PCR, are being used by researchers to advance knowledge and innovations in challenging disease and research questions.

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Support Center

One resource for all your reverse transcription and end-point PCR support needs. Obtain relevant technical information, view tips and tricks when starting an experiment, and find answers to everyday PCR problems.

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Online tools

Free up your time to focus on the bigger picture of your research. We have gathered our interactive molecular biology tools on this page to help accelerate your innovation. Utilize these tools to set up your experiments or find the right products for your research.

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