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Application note A Complete Workflow for High-Throughput Isolation of Serum miRNAs and Downstream Analysis by qRT-PCR: Application for Cancer Research and Biomarker Discovery miRNA analysis
White paper A Technical Guide to Identifying miRNA Normalizers Using TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays miRNA analysis
Article Absolute vs. Relative Quantification for qPCR Basics
Application note Amplification Efficiency of TaqMan Gene Expression Assays Gene expression
Application note Analysis of microRNA and Protein Expression on a Single Platform Using the Viia 7 Real-Time PCR System miRNA analysis
Webinar Analyze microRNAs in Limited FFPE Samples miRNA analysis
Article Applied Biosystems TaqMan microRNA Assays Help Researchers Validate miRNA Markers for Forensic Body Fluid Identification miRNA analysis
Video Ask TaqMan Videos Basics
Article Basic Principles of RT-qPCR Basics
Article Calculating Primer and Probe Concentrations Basics
Article Common TaqMan Myths Busted Basics
Application note Detection of the TMPRSS2:ERG Fusion Transcript Gene expression
Article Essentials of Real-Time PCR Basics
Application note Expression Analysis of Both mRNA and miRNA on the Same TaqMan Array Card miRNA analysis
Article Fusion Transcript Assays for BCR-ABL Translocations Gene expression
Article Good Laboratory Practice to Avoid Contamination in Your qPCR Experiments Basics
Application note High Correlation of miRNA Quantitation Data From Matched FFPE and Snap-Frozen Tissues Using TaqMan microRNA Assays miRNA analysis
Article How TaqMan Assays Work Basics
Article How TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays Work Genotyping
Article How to Find Expected Gene Expression Levels in Different Tissues for Use as qPCR Controls Gene expression
Webinar Impact of Malaria on Biological Aging Gene expression
Technical note Increasing the Call Rate in TaqMan Genotyper Software Genotyping
Article Introduction to Gene Expression: Getting Started Guide Gene expression
Poster microRNA Dynamics in Early Neuronal Differentiation with Correlation to Protein Output and Cell Biology miRNA analysis
Article Overview of Noncoding RNA & microRNA miRNA analysis
Article Precision in qPCR Gene expression
Article qPCR vs. Digital PCR vs. Traditional PCR Basics
Technical note Quality Value in TaqMan Genotyper Software Genotyping
Handbook Real-Time PCR Handbook Basics
Article Real-Time PCR: Understanding Ct Basics
Article TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays Reliably Detect miRNAs From Small Volumes of Nipple Aspiration Fluid miRNA analysis
White paper TaqMan Advanced miRNA Assays—Superior Performance for miRNA Detection and Quantification miRNA analysis
Article TaqMan Assays Help Meet Your Research Needs Basics
Infographic TaqMan Assays Infographic Basics
Article TaqMan Chemistry vs. SYBR Chemistry for Real-Time PCR Basics
Application note TaqMan Multiplex qPCR—Accurate, Sensitive, and as Efficient as Traditional qPCR Genotyping
User guide TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays User Guide Genotyping
White paper The Design Process of Quantitative TaqMan Gene Expression Analysis Tools Gene expression
Application note Using TaqMan Endogenous Control Assays to Select an Endogenous Control for Experimental Studies Gene expression
Article What Is UNG/UDG? Basics