Delivering a new level of performance, reproducibility, and accuracy of results

Modern laboratories need to optimize limited space and maximize analysis time. That means being as efficient as possible with sample handling, sample preparation, and sample transport.

Thermo Scientific SureSTART WebSeal well plates and sealing mats are the perfect solution when there is a need for high throughput and high efficiency in the lab.

Because experiments, analytes, and budgets can vary, we have organized our WebSeal well plates and mats into three performance levels to provide you with the affordability, compatibility, and performance you need.

  • Performance Level 1: Everyday applications; choose these for the best cost-effectiveness
  • Performance Level 2: High-throughput applications; ideal for regulated laboratories, choose these when robustness and reproducibility are key
  • Performance Level 3: High performance; ideal for regulated laboratories, choose these when sensitivity is a must

No HPLC/UHPLC or GC instrument has been left behind. Our well plates are suitable for all vendors' instruments. All WebSeal products are Specification Certified. In addition, well plates are chromatography or LC-MS/GC-MS tested for solvent compatibility and inertness.

Get a sure start with these SureSTART WebSeal products to obtain the performance, reproducibility, and accuracy of results you are looking for. See how our well plate and sealing mat collection delivers a first-class product experience from purchase to final result.

Looking for a vial? Explore our range of SureSTART chromatography autosampler vials and closures.


SureSTART WebSeal well plate and sealing mat benefits

Assured quality and performanceInstrument compatibilitySample securityBetter product experience
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Variety of products to suit your applications and regulatory requirements
  • All WebSeal well plates are chromatography or LC-MS/GC-MS tested for solvent compatibility and inertness
  • Precise and consistent measurement of challenging analytes


  • Compatibility with add-ons and integrated autosamplers
  • Designed to be used in combination with muti-pipettes or robotics
  • Support all chromatography and MS instruments
  • Low-leachable, high-purity materials and manufacturing processes
  • Reduced background and shifting retention times
  • Low volume and high recovery cavity options
  • Pre-slit mats are available to reduce mis-injections
  • Our Plate+ glass-coated plastic well plates provide better reproducibility for biomolecules
  • Three performance levels to suit your budget
  • Full  portfolio of vials, caps, septa, inserts, well plates, sealing mats, and kits
  • All SureSTART products are Specification Certified
  • All WebSeal well plates conform to ANSI/SLAS standards


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of WebSeal well plates, sealing mats, kits, and accessories for all of your chromatography needs. Our well plates are designed for instant compatibility with your autosampler and eliminate the hassle of setting up autosampler vials in a vial tray, saving time in your workflow. WebSeal well plates come in a wide variety of well volumes, well shapes, and high-recovery cavity styles so you can choose the plate that meets your analytical requirements. The diagram below illustrates the different well shapes and cavity styles available across the WebSeal well plate product line.

Well shapes

If you need to meet laboratory regulations and use all solvent types including non-polar solvents for your chromatography applications, our unique Performance Level 3 WebSeal Plate+ glass-coated plastic plates are ideal for your workflows. We also offer convenient, pre-assembled well plate kits along with accessories and replacement parts that provide the efficiency you need with the high-quality materials you expect from Level 3 products.




With the SureSTART WebSeal product line, you gain all the benefits of a single well plate and sealing mat portfolio that is tailored for chromatography and divided into three distinct performance levels to meet all of your scientific and budget needs. Selecting the perfect WebSeal plate and mat for your chromatography requirements has never been easier with the following selector tools and resources below.

Well plates selection table

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One collection. Three performance levels. All from one trusted source.


Protect your samples with Thermo Scientific WebSeal mats.


Protect your samples with our unique re-sealing 96-well plate foil.


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