High density sample handling innovations

Innovative solutions for high-density sample handling

Selecting the perfect Thermo Scientific WebSeal well plates and mats for your chromatography requirements is easy using our selector tools and resources. Our well plates are designed for today´s chromatographer, who is using well plate–compatible autosamplers. Rest assured, you’ll get all the advantages of sample handling using plates, alongside the security of achieving reliable results and our decades of experience as the market leader in sample containers for chromatography. 

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Featured WebSeal well plate products
WebSeal Plate+ Glass Coated Plastic Well Plates
WebSeal 96-Well Plate Kits with Sealing Mats
WebSeal Nonsterile Mats
Features of WebSeal well plate products
  • Tested for chromatography applications
  • Inert surface ensures sample integrity when using organic solvents
  • Soft pierceable closure ensures reliable needle injection and resealing
  • Saves time and space
  • Offers easier and quicker filling and sealing process using multi-channel pipetting tools
  • Affords efficient transport of many samples in a single plate
  • SBS/ANSI standard footprint assures compatibility with all well plate–capable prep stations and autosamplers
  • Provides wide range of options to fit the specific requirements of your application
WebSeal™ Well Plates and Mats

General arrangement drawings

Use the table below to view the drawings showing the configuration of the WebSeal well plate of interest.

General Arrangement Drawings Well Plates for Chromatography Part Number
Microplates 14mm 96-Well Microplate, round well; V-Shape, 8mm dia 60180-P100
96-Well Microplate, round well; U-Shape, 8mm dia 60180-P102
Deepwell Plates 32-44mm -Round Well 96-Well Mid Height Plate, round well 1.3 mL,8mm dia 60180-P103
96-Well Deepwell Plate, round well 2mL, 8mm dia 60180-P104
Deepwell Plates 32-44mm-Square Well 96-Well Deepwell Plate, square well 2mL (-196°C to +121°C) 60180-P105
Microplates 14-30mm-Certified 384-Well Microplate, 58µL 60180-P203
384-Well Deep Well Microplate, 300µL 60180-P204
96-Well Microplate-flat bottom, 350µL, 7mm dia 60180-P205
Plates 384-Well, 252µL 384-Well Deep Well Microplate, 252µL 60180-P107
384-Well MicroWell Microplate, 145µL 60180-P109
Deepwell Plates 41-44mm -Certified 96-Well Round Well Microplate, 1.2mL, 7mm dia 60180-P201
96-Well Square Well Microplate, 2mL 60180-P202
Plates Kits 96-Well small Volume Microplate with Glass Inserts and Sealing Mat, 500µL 60180-K100
Plates Kits 96-Well Microplate with Glass Inserts and Sealing Mat, 700µL 60180-K101
Plates Kits 96-Well Mid Height Plate with Glass Inserts and Sealing Mat, 1.1mL 60180-K104
Deepwell Plates 44mm -Square Well-Certified 96-Well Deep Well Plate, square well 2.0mL 60180-P202
Plates 14mm Microplates -Certified 96-Well Round Well-Flat bottom, 7mm dia 60180-P205
96-Well Round Well-Round bottom, 7mm dia 60180-P206
96-Well Round Well-V bottom, 7mm dia 60180-P207
Micro Plates-Glass Vials-Pre-inserted 96-Well Microtiter-Plate, PP, 96 positions, filled with 0.1ml glass Micro-Insert, with assembled 9mm PE Cap red 60180-K200
Deepwell Plates -Glass Vials-Pre-inserted 96-Well SQW-Block, PP, 96 positions, filled with 1ml glass Micro-Insert, with assembled 9mm PE Cap 60180-K202
96-Well SQW-Block, PP, 96 positions, filled with 1ml glass Micro-Insert, with assembled 9mm PE Cap with slit 60180-K203
96-Well Mid Height Plate, PP, 96 positions, filled with 0.35ml glass Micro-Insert, with assembled 9mm PE Cap with slit 60180-K201
Plate+ Glass Coated Microplates 384-Well Deep Well Microplate, glass coated, 240µL 60180-P312
Plate+ Glass Coated Mid Height Plate 96-Well Mid Height Plate, glass coated, round well 1.2mL, 7.2mm dia 60180-P306
Plate+ Glass Coated Deep well Plate 96-Well Deepwell Plate, glass coated, square well 2.4mL 60180-P308
Plate+ Glass Coated Microplates 96-Well Microplate, glass coated, round well; Flat bottom, 7.2mm dia 60180-P304
Plate+ Glass Coated Microplates 96-Well Microplate, glass coated, round well; U-Shape, 7.2mm dia 60180-P300
96-Well Microplate, glass coated, round well; V-Shape, 7.2mm dia 60180-P302
384-Well Microplate, glass coated 60180-P310

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