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Autosampler vials & caps for HPLC, LC/MS, GC and GC/MS

There’s a Thermo Scientific vial & closure for every HPLC, GC, MS instrument, application, and budget.

Autosampler vial innovations that solve sample handling challenges

AVCS autosampler vials

Experiencing screw thread closure failures and/or sample evaporation?

Use Thermo Scientific 2 mL SureStop Vials with AVCS Caps

  • Innovative screw cap & vial design
  • Ensures proper screw cap seal every time, independent of operator
Certified autosampler vials

Experiencing particulate background in high-sensitivity analyses?

Use Thermo Scientific MS Certified Vial Kits

  • Cleaned, tested, and certified
  • Reduces background particulates from vials
  • Enables high-sensitivity analyses
High quality glass  autosampler vials

Analyzing analytes that strongly adsorb on the glass surface or are sensitive to sample pH changes?

Use Thermo Scientific Inert Chromacol Gold Vials

  • Highest glass purity available
  • Lowest possible surface activity
  • Ultra-low adsorption and pH shift for ultra trace analysis
Autosampler vials for routine hplc

Just need a good, every day, reliable vial for high-throughput routine analysis at lower cost?

Use Thermo Scientific 2mL Routine Vials & Caps

  • Balances quality and price
  • Selection of common vials used in routine analyses

Common vials and applications

*Premium vials & closures: Our premiere quality product offering
**Routine vials & closures: Vials & closures that balance quality and cost for standard, routine applications
***Inert vials: Ultra-high quality for ultra-low adsorption and ultra-low pH shift

Need to find GC columns or accessories?
Need to find GC columns or accessories?

Access the latest version of our Chromatography Consumables Catalog to ensure that you're optimizing your applications! Our enhanced online version features a robust applications search tool, access to method development guides, application notebooks, and much more.

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Chromatography consumables resources and information
Chromatography Consumables Resources and Information

Find interactive tools and calculators, guides to select the right products, equivalent product finders, and get in contact with our consumables technical support team to answer your application questions.

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Not sure which vial is right for you?

Not sure which vial is right for you?

Contact with an expert to help you decide.

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