HILIC Column Care

This section provides some general guidelines for the care, use and storage of HILIC columns. Specific advice can be found in the appropriate product manual.

As with any other column, to maximize HILIC column life, ensure that samples and mobile phases are particle-free.

The use of guard columns or inline filters between the switching valve and the column is also recommended, particularly when running samples that may contain particulates or other contaminants.

HILIC column care guidelines

pH stability

Thermo Scientific HILIC columns are silica based. A suitable pH range is 2 - 8.


Column wash procedures

Prior to storage, buffered solutions used during HILIC analysis should be washed out of the column (and the HPLC system). A suitable wash solution is 60% organic solvent in water (unless otherwise specificed in product manuals). 


Column storage

HILIC columns should be stored under HILIC conditions. A mixture of organic solvent and water in a 90:10 ratio is recommended for storage.

Ensure the column end-fittings are sealed with end-plugs to prevent the stationary phase from drying.

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